Etsy Project Embrace! If you don't know about it... you should!

My friend Jean of 3squares.etsy.com included my Art shop pleinairpainter.etsy.com and more specifically, my " Kansas Mainline " painting. Her lovely treasury was throughly "peacocky" ! Jean coined that one while creating a beautifully blue and green treasury.
The main intention of the treasury, however, was to support Etsy Project Embrace, an ever growing group of Etsians who together are supporting the fight against cancer.

Said Best by Kristin of loveartworks.etsy.com;
"Etsy project embrace is a Universal Coalition of Artists whose main purpose is to create awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed with Cancer, whatever kind it may be. The project began as a way to help our friend and wonderful Etsian, Laura Slocum, who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is currently having chemotherapy. You can read more about Laura and her incredible uplifting journey here
Feel free to join us on this Thread, by sharing your experiences, giving out healing energy to those who need it and posting any EPE related information including Treasuries, blog posts, donation listings, announcements, etc….. or just a friendly post to say “Hi!”…. "

You can help fight cancer by making a donation to the American Cancer Society.
I know we have all been touched by cancer one way or another... a parent, friend, loved one, or ourselves!
Please consider giving a gift... the gift of research...of HOPE ...of a CURE!!!
What a wonderful group of creative women! I am hopeful that I will become a member in the near future!


Look ma no patterns ... look what Krista made !

My new Etsy friend Krista is so crafty and creative. Several months back she purchased a wonderful vintage box chock full of bias tape... all kinds and colors and so much fun. I loved the box just to look at but she had something else in mind... She sent me a link to her blog called " look ma no patterns" which is DARLING! She is crafty and creative and made a pillow cover out of the fabric bias tape.

She has blogged a " how to"! I hope you will check it out.
There, you will find lots of other wonderful photos and instructions telling you exactly how she makes her things . She is a woman after my own heart! Kinda a kindred spirit.
I have ideas like that but never put them to use...
Krista, on the other hand... DOES!!!!
Check out her blog for yourself.
She has an etsy shop as well. ( kitschcuisine.etsy.com ) Check it out too while you are at it!
thanks for stopping by and ...remember.... be enlightened...Get Creative!


Wonderful Etsy Tools

Ok... so I am not working at my official Job... JB Winterberry ... home decor and antiques in Wheaton, IL today and have been surfing the web. Paying much attention to Etsy today. I have decided to experience my very first ( embarrased to say) Virtual Labs Event on how to gain exposure this holiday season... While poking around on Etsy I came up with a wonderful find! It just made my day... and here it is!
http://easyetsy.com/ Click this link to find all of the etsy tools... blog info, non etsy affiliated info... like Heart o matic, Etsy Treasure hunt... and many others

I just love this. more info than anyone can use but so helpful to know... like getting an email when you have been featured on the front page! at STATSY
too much fun for the Etsy addict in me!
mark them as favorites... and have a blast checking them all out!
thanks to Rathina for making this fab list! Check her out at Rathina.etsy.com!

People StyleWatch gift guides for fall!

this afternoon I was delighted to find my original record album chalk board featured in the People style watch gift guides.
I just love that I have been recognized in that way! I hope you can stop by the etsy virtual labs next week and find some more of Peoples picks!
I am happy to be among them!
take a look for yourself!


Vintage Etsy Society! Sellers unite!

I have an idea... I would love to get it off the ground, and may need to wait until the beginning of 2010 to take action. I thought I would write it down so that I didn't forget... so here it is!

I would like to start the " Vintage Etsy Society!" A place that would promote vintage etsy ( sellers who sell items 20 years old or older) I would love to do it locally at first...then expand nationally

if you have ever been to a renegade art fair... in wicker park chicago, you will know what I am talking about. This would be where vintage etsians could unite and sell our wears!

How does it sound to you? If you like the idea ... email me
uz2blayton@aol.com and let me know.
we can start the revolution! The Vintage Revolution that is!
viva la vintage on etsy.com!


Happy Halloween Happenings

Hello all,
This weekend I ventured out with my delightul sis and sisterlike, life long friend Jinny! We took on Scarecrow Fest in St. Charles Il.
What a day! While most of the folks were flocking to the usual pumpkin scarecrow display... adorned with the same cliche owls, scary guys, and John Deere displays.... We were wondering Century Corners. A darling little... off the beaten path and oft forgotten area in St. Charles. Bounded on the South by RT. 64 or North Avenue and on the East by RT. 25, this little sparkling jewel of an area, features several darling shops and creative shop owners.
Townhouse books, for example ( reminds me of "you've got mail" or a little bookstore in downtown Estes park, CO ... or the little one I found while in Moab, Utah this summer), a staple for many years, and hopefully many more to come! This quaint little spot has some wonderful offerings. I found a cool little packet of "walking tours" for Chicago... 50 little cards contained in one little box. Grab a card and head downtown for your own guided tour. What a cute place to linger and hopefully purchase something... please keep this local shop in business!
Attached to that is a nice little cafe, restaurant...ok... I have to admit we didn't stay for lunch... because the place was packed and the wait was long... ( good for them) and we had some shopping to do. A darling shop that we were not able to make time for this visit, called panache, sits just up the hill from most of the frey.

We then headed outside to the vendors on the street. Croissants, soaps, bittersweet and a wonderful potter who does other creative crafts as well... she too, was a talent! (tapestries of nature, mary la frenz of princeton, IL) I wanted to turn her on to etsy...but she doesn't have a computer! I wonder just how many talented folks there are in this world who have no way of reaching international audiences... from a venue like ETSY! What a shame... I hope to run into her again sometime!
We headed to the little sale "barn" where I found something I am sure I can't live without ( I may have to head back this week if it is still there... to purchase it... i am not telling what it is... I don't want you to snatch it up...but if you do... your car better be big... cause it is!)
Along the way I collected leaves made by nature... :) to add to my mantel!
( photo above)

We stopped in an antiques shop (The Glos House) that sits across from the stone house, The gal there is SUPER talented and has a wonderful eye for all things vintage.

I bought a vintage red leather chair with brass tacks that was adorned with vintage cotton flour cloths.... I just love it. How fresh looking! ($20.00) and a wonderful EauClaire Wisconsin shop sign, complete with hooks to hang your hat or jewelry or just about anything else you may find. She painted the top board with chalkboard paint! (how useful) Now I can leave notes for everyone! I wanted to buy everything in the place, because her prices are CRAZY reasonable! I stopped myself... but my sister bought a little vintage pillow that was made from an old needlepoint piece that was exactly like my grandma Stewart used to house on her 3rd floor in Narberth! Les just had to have it!!! What great memories of our childhood!

Off to the cliche craft show. Much smaller than in years past. I am sure the economy has gotten to the little festivals too! Lots of junk vendors, doors, window, siding, dips... dips, dips... 2 vendors selling the same DIP...yuck!!! ( don't ever double dip please!)
Some talents in the crowd included a woman who makes her own paintings
(stenciled) on canvas and she adds a bit of glitz... making just the cutest artwork. www.momsenterprises.com
Last year her things were flying out of the booth...this year with the cold, she was the only one in the booth ! My how times change! I hope she did well. Click on her link to find her cute things!
The other favorite booth was Jewels by Jay. Original knitwear & Accessories. I loved her neck warmers with buttons...they doubled as head wraps...SO CUTE! Great chunky yarns and vintage buttons.
In all, it was a wonderful day. Capped off with seeing this darling Halloween Home!
Enjoy your day in the country this fall and be sure to share some business with the small, local shops. They need your business to stay afloat in this economy
check out the 3/50 site for more details!
Open 7 days a week. Please call for hours.
One block east of the Fox River, in St. Charles, Illinois.
One block north of Route 64.


Brant Miller NBC channel 5 weather photo

I was honored tonight when I arrived home to find an email from Brant Miller, an X dj in Chicago turned weatherman. Brant features weather photos that are submitted by viewers. I finally found his email address and wanted to send him a photo that I took several weeks back, in Fish Creek... Door County Wisconsin.
I am sitting, waiting to see the news to see it on the TV. The best part is that it will be in the Sunday Sun Times News paper in Chicago!
I hope to see it there.
this is a digital photo taken on a canon EOS camera. NO alterations to the photo other than cropping. No Digitalization. All nature... All Gods paintbrush!