So nice to have Friends to show you the way!!!

Thanks to my friends at Vintology for turning me on to a new Etsy tool.

  Love this site  Craftopolis... it will show you if you are featured in any treasury's in the Main and West sites as well as Gift Guides features and... whether you are an alternate.
 It even has a timer that will show you when it is getting close to Treasury creating time!
 how fun is that!


What a day!

Today I received a confirmation from the Etsy bloggers street team... that I have been accepted!  I was so excited I thought I would come to my blog and write about it.  Before I did I checked out Etsy and found that I had many folks mark my shop as a favorite today... that can mean only one thing...I have been mentioned in an article or featured on the fP...sure enough  ...
   Todays  Storque article on collections was what did it.  Pez dispensers... who knew!
While looking at my blog.  I noticed someone had commented on one of my posts....you can see it below.  The article about the wire chandelier.  It was taken right out of Sue and Ki's book " junk market style" .... Ki found my blog and my etsy shop and left a very nice comment here on my blog.
  I am totally flattered that she stopped by and am floored yet again that Etsy admin has featured another of my items.
      thank you!  I am humbled!


Junking in Style

Today I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of LaVelle Davis to Walter Vallette
     LaVelle , fondly know as elle...met Wally while attending Church in our small midwestern town.  
  She is 75 and he is 80 or so.  Their union makes her officially...
     drum roll please.........   
  LaVelle Vallette....how is that for a name.
anyhow....After the wedding, 
I asked a friend to come " junk" with me in our local town. 

     We hopped in my Bug convertible and off we went.  We had so much fun finding all kinds of things that we can repurpose.
   I found an old 6 panel door.  A tall thin one... I am thinking of using for a thin table.  I have small castoff glass pieces that will fit perfectly into the panels.

We found 2 old metal cage like boxes.  They will be perfect for repurposing into lighting for outdoors.  Several houses down we came upon a wonderful pile of junk...great glass globes that I think I will attach to the wire cage and hang from pully I picked up this weekend.

My friend Val... found 5 little glass globes in a box.  I plan to illuminate them with tea lights in the garden.  I will just dig a tiny bit into the soil so that they are firmly placed and drop a tea light down inside.
        they will match the lights I plan to make that will adorn the trees.

             I found an old wood piece that once served as a foot stool for an adirondack chair.  I will mount that to the wall to make for an interesting shelf....
    What fun I will have.  
    I hope you had as much fun this weekend as I did!


Small But Affordable Art...A thank you to Paperwhite!

I wanted to thank " paperwhite" for featuring my little ACEO in her blog.  what a pleasant surprise!  soooooo


Insulator fun continued ...start reading from the bottom for even more fun! or read your computer upside down.

                                                                                  Enjoy!________________________Step 4.  Finished product...this time it has been converted into a pretty vase...you can                   adorn your garden with pretty pops of color where they may not usually grow.
               (root some plants in it while you are at it!)
step 3.  Hang from the cup hook and place a tea light inside...light and enjoy.  Be sure                  you do not light it if it is too close to dry dead wood.  This idea is meant to use                    with tealights only.  I don't recommend anything larger.
step 2.  I wired around the bottom with some very heavy but workable wire.
               I made the piece long enough that you could use the" tail" to bend into a loop to                hang on the cup hook that I screwed into the tree.

step 1....last year I placed several larger insulators in my garden...I had just pushed them down partially into the dirt.  They were wonderfully glowing.  This year, I wanted to improve on my insulator idea...and this one is a fresh idea for you to try!


fun with vintage finds

This is kind of a " how to" blog entry. 
   I had seen Sue and Ki, from the now defunked Country Home magazine, put together a very cool garden chandelier ... I copied their design.  Using some, fresh from the curbside, vintage garden wire... I bent it into a circle, adjoined the ends (by bending the wire onto itself) then attached vintage telephone insulators to the sides.  Simple process and it only took about 30 minutes.  

  I hung chain from it and in the tall branch of my very old apple tree,  I screwed an eye hook and pully.  I ran the cloths line rope from the chandelier, through the pully and down to a knot on the tree.  An old broken branch know serves as a tie 
  I have knotted several areas so that I can take it down to place tea lights inside and light them for a pretty glow in my outdoor room.

     In the winter i take it down and place a squirrel proof feeder on the rope ( we always leave 1 chain link for ease of switching the items we hang).
     The Birds love it in the winter and we love it Spring, Summer and Fall.
try it... it is such a fun thing to do!

I can't Stand it!!!!

This little garden claw it worth it's weight in gold.
     It has made it to the front page yet again this morning!      Yippee!!!


Six treasury's at one time and a storque article...all today!

Another great day at Etsy.
  Today I have been featured in 6, count 'em Six treasury's.  I have also been featured in the Storque article "going Dutch ".
      I hope you will check them out.

Another Front Page item... I am on a roll!

I am Happy to report , yet another wonderful Etsy front page shout out!  
 I missed it as usual but my retro decanter and shot glass set was featured.  check it out for yourself.
        isn't it cute.
             Thanks to etsy Admin!