Clashing...Who knew...it's IN!

According to Etsy Fashion Tuesday August 30th 2011 ... Clashing is IN this Season.
  I say... Get dressed in the dark!  One blue sock, one white sock.... NO MATTER
      Plaid and tiger stripes... Go for it.
       Throw your geranimals out the window... forget the matchy matchy.
        Create your own style!
  Here is my Ode to Clashing!
            Thanks etsy... you made my wardrobe work!
( Now, if only "timeworn" would be in style... I would be ahead of the trend!)


Photo of the Day

             Leslie's garden zinnia in bloom 8/28/2011

Thursday Night Under the Tent!

Thursday Night I took a short roadtrip to a friends home, where she had set up her vintage finds and home decor castoffs from her retail shop, under the chandelier lit tent... and under ths stars!

 Her home is lovely inside and has been featured in several news stand publications.  Her style is comfortable and welcoming, Clocks, burlap, creamy painted trim and brown accents throughout.  A true delight to behold.
  Denise owned a little shop in Bartlett Il, that is where I first met her.  She has since moved her shop to Geneva and has increased her customer base.  She contacted them to join her at her home sale!  I would say, by the looks of the crowd when I arrived, she did a bang up business!
 Her front porch, so welcoming
 When I first arrived... the tent was lit and was a beacon for all who passed by!  NOT many passed by... MANY stopped!
 She had some delightful finds and by the time I arrived, she had sold most of her large pieces and they were marked for " pick-up on Saturday"

 When I arrived, she was restocking and restocking, She and her friends Janice ( who will be showing at junk bonanza... and Denise (yes another Denise... her employee and friend) were busy carting boxes out of her storage shed and basement to refill the tables.  In true Denise style... she was mortified that I had attempted to take photos before she would be able to stage them correctly... these are the unstaged photos, after the inital crowds arrived and bought everything that was not nailed down!
 I love the crate with the printing and the way she has shown the egg crates! ...hey, I missed that cute little wooden folding chair!
 Loved the botanical area, even bought something here.  That screen had been sold already and marked for the saturday pick up.  What a clever idea to attach vintage botanical prints to it to create a theme!...hey, I missed that green folding chair too!   There was just so much to take in! ( in a good way)
 Tables loaded and ready for Autumn decorating.
 This cute " cage" lamp I loved.  You could create one of your own...but it really warmed up the space with light!

 Vintage Suitcases stacked to side table height.  Warm woods and animal prints adorned this tent.
 A view down the side yard.  This sale was to go on for Friday and Saturday as well!  I phoned her on Saturday morning, just as the sale began and she was giddy with her success so far! She had cleaned out so many things and that was her objective!

 This tent was decorated for Halloween.   Black and orange, some new glittery finds here.
 Black, white and burlap... I found some great vintage, huge music sheets.  I think they were teaching aids from back in the day.  I am hoping to make prints and frame parts of them.
She had a successful weekend and the weather co operated perfectly! Congrats Denise!
        Can't wait for your Christmas sale!


Morris Illinois or BUST!

Tuesday, we were slated to travel to Morris, IL.  I set out with girlfriends Mary Ellen and Cathy.  They had been visiting there for years and I had heard of their travels in the past and the treasures they found.  
I finally had a day off and in the van we hopped...
we were off!

 I had NEVER seen a cloud formation like this before.   a "shelf" cloud and aptly named!
It would begin the rainy weather that stayed with us for most of our day.
But it did not dampen our spirits.
With these two dynamic women, Fun always abounds!

Early on I was seeing things in the clouds.  This one looked like eyes peering down. ( with a wrinkled up nose) 
   ok... so it was early in the day and I had not had my coffee yet... I was seeing things I guess!
 Our first destination , Ruby Begonia's.  Monica was a dynamo.  
What a delightful shop owner.  
Scooting around on her  one legged scooter, she had had surgery last month and her foot was still in a cast.
 This woman was so kind and a kindred spirit to all. 
 The PERFECT shop owner.  

Very accomodating and just as cute as can be!
They conduct some wonderful sales in town! 
Please stay tuned to her blog for more info!

I had to snap a photo of her wall.  ( below)  The saying was the perfect way to begin our day!  
She had a flair for decorating.  
"Through every storm and the darkness of night comes a patch of blue"
So fitting for the day!

 Her darling fall displays were filling her shop.
 If you know Me... You know I LOVED this entire collection.  
Motels and cottages, globes, vibrant red painted vintage finds! ahhhh!
 My friend Mary Ellen's husband is a gardener and Mary Ellen is an amazing hostess. 
 She has occasional garden parties in her lovely garden and this sign reminded me of them! 
(not that they are poor men)
I was thinking more about the Kind thoughts and contentment part!
 Our next desitnation was Whimsy.
 Yet another delightfully decorated shop.
 Traci's flair includes handmade items and banners made of paper, burlap covered suitcases, chalk board paint topped tables. ( you can find traci in the poultry barn at Kane co flea market as well!)
Her assistant Debbie was there and was playing some great music... 
When asked what radio station it was, she replied... "sometimes I tune into peoples blogs" 
and hers was tuned to friend Jen Rizzo's
 How fun was that!
  ( Jen has some great music on her blog and her kitchen was featured in the latest Country Living Magazine)

 I loved this antique shop.
 There were wonderful finds and very affordable inside!
 Chippy white cabinets lined with sheet music, old white garden arbors... made of wood.
 Cute shelves for storing your ribbon, Dressers and more! 
      Some great vintage finds! I will have to head back and shop some more when I have time!
 While I was at the little antiques shop, Cathy and Mary Ellen were grabbing a table at a little tea shop.  The shop had been open before but only as a cute shop... not serving lunch or tea.  I stopped at the door to take this photo.  How cute was that Ironing board, painted with chalkboard paint with the store hours printed in brightly colored chalk!

 I could not resist snapping photos ... what a cute place.  I loved the banners in the windows  made of vintage white doilies of all shapes and sizes, and stitched to rick rack.  We all have those things hidden tightly in drawers and closets.  
Pull them out and make a cute banner ribbon of them!  Add some old hankies too!  SO Cute!

 As I arrived inside Letty Mae's in Morris,  I found my friends sitting with 2 other women at a table for 4.  I was a bit dumbstruck as I figured you just sat down at an empty space to be served.  I was looking over the room to see where I would be sitting, there were 2 women in their 80's at a tiny table for 2 where a 3rd chair was pulled up.  I thought they might panic if I pulled up there.  So I asked the gal if I could pull up a chair with my friends.  Little did I know that Mary Ellen, upon arrival, had asked the 2 other ladies if we could join them.  They had just sat down as well.  
 WHAT A DELIGHT.  you really should try that some time.  These Wonderful women were on a day excursion from their occupations.  They both volunteer at a Frank Lloyd Wright home in a local suburb of Chicago.  

With much Laughter and conversation,  I joked and said " the first meeting of the Morris girls group is in session" Laura quickly voted Mary Ellen as chapter president, I seconded... Cathy had pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil to write something down for our new found friends.... so I appointed her secretary!  We laughed and chatted over some lovely Strawberry salads ( with cinnamon brioche bread as croutons... how perfect!) Hot pot's of tea and strawberry Lemonade.

At the end of our luncheon,   I adjorned the meeting and called for another chapter meeting in the future.  Of course it was all in fun.. but later, when I arrived home, I received an email from Mardene saying " Thanks for joining us for lunch!   It was so nice to meet all three of you.  Enjoy your travels together and maybe we can go to Morris for our " 2nd meeting"...We will have to check with our president, Mary Ellen.  Thanks again."

Laughter and friendship... now THAT'S what life is all about!
 Seated at the table Laura,   Mary Ellen, Martha ( me) Mardene and Cathy.
 The cute menu's were tucked under the glass, covering the vintage tablecloth covered tables.  So darn cute!

 the door way to the next room.  Spots for more Ladies who lunch!  White chippy shabby on the Map Blue walls and more pleasures for the eye.
              great prices ( I never did get chicken on my salad... as I looked at the menu upon returning home... oh well.. it was so delicious, I didn't miss it!
 More views from inside the tea room
 Just HOW cute, the vintage aprons strung end to end, just tying them together. 
 Tea cups and saucers lining the tea room walls.   I am sure they use them and what a great use of space !
 Loved that wall paper!  I remember looking at that hanging shade and wondering why it was swaying... found out later... there was an Earth quake, both in Colorado and on the East Coast about the time it was moving.  They said it could be felt in the midwest.  Wonder if that was it. ( no fans were on... I had looked)
 Chocolate brown walls adorned with white shutters and hot pink accents.  Delightful!
      " cake fixes everything" sign adorns the counter.  I believe it might!
 Look how cute this shade is.  Simple lace added to the bottom and rick rack glued down the sides, with old spools of thread attached to finish off the look.
 Cathy took this photo as a reference at "Vintage"  I picked up a dulcimer and 2 great russet colored folding chairs!
 I told her I would email it to her...but figured I would just add it to my blog instead!  What a cute piece!
 detailing on the drawer handles

 Still could not get enough of Letty Mae's   I just Loved this.  Here is Cathy hauling my finds, so that I was able to have my hands free to take these photos.  I took photos of the various doors of the shops we loved... thought it might be fun to frame them all together.  " The doors of Morris" so to speak!

 There's that cute garland again!  I am pulling out my sewing machine!
After Letty mae's We headed to their favorite resale shop around the corner. I loved some of their display pieces.  Not for sale... but I did find an amazing vintage oil painting, you can see photos below! Bright and vibrant and fun! I found an old Public telephone sign as well.  You never know what you might find in a great resale shop!

 After leaving Morris, we headed north and West to Sandwich, Just in time to check out " Vintage Vibe"  Mary Ellen had her eye on a cute little hutch there... so off we went!  It was still there and she purchased it for an upcoming show...
After finally getting the 2 piece hutch in to the back of the van, we went to Two Sisters.  a nice primitive shop in Sandwich.  I had several things I began piling on the counter... only to stop myself and slap myself into reality.  I have a garage full and it is totally NOT my style...but what great finds none the less.  Hand made Candles, that smell of cinnamon buns in the oven ( and you know how I love to make them... ok well maybe not... but i LOVE to smell them)

Hand made and very reasonably priced decorations for Fall.  but I was able to come to my senses!  I did find a great cart I may have to return for though... that was outside and right up my alley!
 Here we are, just pulling up in front of Mary Ellens humble abode!  Car Packed to the brim!
 Here are my finds and that amazing vintage oil painting on linen... the " sisters on the fly" book... I want to be one some day! 2 metal folding chairs, one Dulcimer, a public telephone sign and my basket.  Ahhh... what a great haul
 the girls posing with their treasures!
                     We will be meeting next week for breakfast to plan our trek to the north!
    Thanks girls for a wonderful day in the country!
ps. stay tuned for more " travels in Vintage"