Vintage Travel Trailer ... our little home away from home.

Be sure to check out our updated post! More views of her updated interior check out her pinterest board... click here... !

Here is our latest look at "MissMabel" our little camper.... she is getting a facelift with some fun color... inside and out! 

That's me!

Her "Mother's day" stripe

interior before cushions.
interior of vintage pantone turquoise

 I have so many things I want to decorate her with! So much fun to find things for her interior and exterior too!

     For the awning on the exterior, I am looking in to Marti's Awnings.  Still deciding on the color scheme for that... but I am sure it will have something to do with orange, yellow and turquoise.
Our interior... so bright and cheery!
Waiting on the curtains and cushions

So much to do and so little time!

Some cute stuff and the beginnings of my vintage decor
A view from outside.

An awning for the front would be oh so cute!
    I had fun with a vintage pantone paint chip sample I found years ago...for the colors on the interior.  I was unable to find just what I was looking for in the modern paints so I brought the chip to the home depot!  I found that Behr paint worked best.  Dutch boy was way too thick. but we used it for the exterior blue and yellow stripe.  Thinking of adding a silver stripe below the yellow, and above the yellow... a pinstripe of ORANGE.  How delightful! :)

The long road home.
Happy Trails to YOU, until we meet again!

* photos taken by Aubrey Smith



A View of Na-da Farm's Spring Sale 2013

WE had a delightful time setting up at the Na-da Farm sale this weekend.

Preparing months in advance...by renovating our 
little vintage travel trailer
we were almost ready to go.
Mabel, the name we have chosen for our little camper, paying homage to my husband's mom of the same name.  She was a camper and outdoors woman at heart.  Although my husband thought we should do the interior in denim and flannel, I overruled and decided to go with a brighter, bolder look.
an overall view of our display Saturday morning.

She looked so cute as our back drop and escape from the westerly winds.  Despite the gathering storm, we continued to set up our outdoor space, collecting a few things that had blown down during the afternoons set up.  ...with the large crowd gathering, we put the finishing touches on the booth.  

We stole a moment to admire some of our favorite shops in the BARN... before the crowds engulfed it!

Anne Marie's delightful Nada FArm Homemade "shop" so many yummy baked goods here!

Cracker Jax had some cute clothing. Aubrey found something there she LOVED.

Above, Jen from FRESH Vintage has such a bright and colorful style!

Jeanine from Chippy Shabby has a beautiful presentation and tons of beautiful vignettes.

Stacey from Cottage industry delighted with some darling, whimsical  pillows and embroidered creations. 

At the END of the day... we all had a wonderful time, sharing stories with customers, getting to know one another better and taking in the beautiful vistas from the farm!

    The End.


Our vintage travel trailer... A peek at our progress

(see the updated views from 2015 here)I have been working day and night to complete our little travel trailer  for her maiden voyage to Nada farms Spring Event 2013, this weekend.
This is how she began months ago
Our little Sunliner, with 10.5 glorious feet if living space.  

Cabinetry indoor
Dinette area
Kitchen before

How she looks now:

After the family helped paint her for Mother's Day.

Interior cabinetry in turquoise and white

As you can see, she is still a work in progress... but getting closer!

  Tonight my friend Cindi will be helping me create cushion covers in white vinyl with orange and yellow piping. And some cute curtains too!

  Can't wait to share the end results with you!