Submission for the CoolmomPicks site and Etsy Valentine collaboration!

I just love creating my little art work, so naturally when the opportunity came up to submit a design to the wonderful women at the Coolmompicks.com site, I thought I would go for it.

The proceeds from the sale of the "color it yourself" Valentine's will go the the Childrens Heart Foundation!

Such a worthy cause...no matter who is chosen!
I hope you will consider helping the cause!
This year, color your own valentine!
thanks bunches,

Opendoorhandmade.etsy.com is open for business!

I have recently opened my newest shop OpendoorHandmade.etsy.com.
There you will find many handmade items. I have begun a "line" of greeting tags.
The line includes my original artwork in little collections ...
"it's your birthday" , " your home"," wedding day", "wild things", " project pink", "be mine", " couture collection", " Easter blessings", "be well"... and many others!

I hope you will stop by to see my original illustrations. Each is painted with watercolor and then pen and ink line drawing over top. Each illustration is signed and dated and can make a cute little art collection... just add a frame!

My lines will be growing to include cards and other handmades.

I will be adding my handmade scarves as well, once i get rolling.

I hope you will stop by and see what is new!


The Easiest and Best Chicken ( or beef) enchilada soup

Ok...so this is not my pic... I never have time to take one... but next time I will...but, imagine this soup in a vintage fiesta bowl...cause that is how it would look at my house!

This recipe can be adapted various ways. You can make it with beef broth ( and ground beef) or Chicken Broth! You can make it in a crockpot to come home to something warm, or in 20 min on the stove... as easy or as complicated gourmet as you like
I will lay out my recipe and write adaptions next to the ingredients you can switch out!

my family enjoys this down the the last ladle full!
here goes

Yesterday I made it Chicken Enchilada

1 48oz box of Chicken Broth ( organic if you like) or 2 small broth cans ... can use beef here...could use bullion if you have it.
1 can white or other type corn ( undrained)
1 can Rotell or other type of diced tomatoes with green chilis ... you could chop your own of both
1 can black beans drained and rinsed ...you can add any other type of bean here
1 1/2 packages of taco seasoning ... any type works or you can figure out the spices and make your own
Chicken I used one large "can" of chicken but ... you could use precooked strips cut in pieces or fresh or beef or chorizo too

optional...if you have time at the start you can saute in a dollop of EVOO ( so rachael ray) 1 onion and potatoes diced. and several cloves of garlic ... this is nice for a hardier soup ... I tend to toss just about everything but the kitchen sink in

NOW... dump all of the top 5 ingredients into a sturdy pot, I have a dutch oven type pot... or now would be the crock pot time
if you have not yet cooked the chicken ...now is the time BEFORE adding it to your soup then add the cooked chicken ( or other meat) Season to taste... let it simmer for 20 min on low or until bubbly and steaming hot... stirring whenever you pass the stove.
serve with
tortilla chips
fresh cilantro chopped
sour cream
cheese ( I like cheddar... but you can use any you like)

If you have the ingredients on hand ( which is easy because you can keep them all in your cupboard) this makes for a WONDERFULLY good soup that your family, friends and neighbors will LOVE!

serves 6

Yet another suggestion... if you have tacos and by any chance have any extra.. of fajitas...toss that in to the pot!



In a word..RELAX !
That is what I am hopeful will be my motto for 2010!

I tend to be a bit laid back but I am hoping this year to begin anew, cherish family and friends and enjoy all that is around me

This year I hope to feature more photos of my home, studio and garden...
and share some fun ideas for decorating your little corner of the world.
I hope you will come along with me!