Boho / Indie bedroom decor : How to

Add simple elements you love.  Plants add to the airy feel.  We created easy to make diy macramé hangers for the little ceramic pots by using 4 long pieces of jute we doubled over... Creating 8 strands, tying a knot at the end and then adding a few simple knots along the side to secure the little pot. Attach a nail to the wall and hang.  Hint: grouping several together adds impact.
We liked the wall tapestry from etsy / society6.com in a cool blue landscape. We added pillows to the feminine comforter from "Tuesday Morning".  Rummaging thru our collected vintage finds we added a twig side table and found antlers, sourced from our favorite little spot just outside Algoma, Wi. 
The arrow was from hobby lobby and adds a touch of metal as well as  a geometric element.  
Not shown, we used an old oriental rug on the floor... thin and warm, as well as a handmade woven rug, to add a bit of color and eclectic style.
 A mid century modern dresser/cabinet makes for a great space for the computer workspace and succulents add a bit of life to the room. A jar of porcupine quills and old feathers finish off the look.
The handmade adventure art piece on wood panel was from travel&dwell on etsy. 
Adding a simple made by hand (opendoorstudio) cage of wire around the terra cotta potted - moss rose, and baskets to add interest to the space.  The ladder was from my mother and holds a favorite quilt.  
The simple photo holders below were created using our jute again (with this rustic style, jute can be your friend).  Determine the correct length for your photos.  We did four lengths but you could make a banner-like continuous string too.  We found favorite photos of friends and printed them in black and white.  Among them we added favorite locales, we printed them in muted colors to add interest. (Opendoorstudio) You may connect them however you like.  Paper clips, clothes pins, additional jute, pins or tape.  Each adds your own personal style.

Let us know what you think of our boho bedroom?  


Labor Day Lobster Fest 2015

Lobster and steak, what better way to cap off a great Labor Day weekend.  Fun spending time with family and enjoying our feast!  How did you spend your Labor Day holiday?