Merry Christmas to ALL!

I want to shout it from the rooftops....yes, Merry Christmas to All!...but
what I really want to shout is "Thank you Etsy for my Christmas gift from YOU!" I am the only one in the world with this honor today!
You see, Etsy Admin chose my Christmas tree photo ( from submissions requested a week ago) from a group of several thousand!    I just saw a little blurb about submitting your photo and I did.  I noticed that Etsy had added me to their list of favorites from the Christmas tree photos submitted. Lo and behold, last night I opened my convos only to hear from some new Etsy friends!   Their convos said..."your Christmas tree is plastered all over Etsy!"
They had chosen it as their "Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night" card for the storque article.
I am thankful for all of the new friends I have made on Etsy! It is such a creative community and I just love it there! This coming year I will be heading a new Street team. "Vintage Etsy Society Street Team"
We will get together to share creative ideas and fun!
I am so excited about what this past year has brought me and am even more so about the future!
With Etsy's creative input, how can I go wrong!
Merry Christmas to you and all!


Fun In Michigan

Just back from my trip to Michigan with some fun fintage finds.
this one is all about color
I picked up 2 wonderful buckets. Perfect to pot your poinsettias!
I have 2 available ... one red and one green! they are adorned with bright enamel paint! great for indoors or out!

Vintage BUCKETs


Homage to Thanksgiving

After thinking of the cliche Thanksgiving, these things came to mind... Turkey, football, family, nesting,leaves, warmth, food!
I put them all into the mix and came up with a different twist !
I hope you enjoy my choices, from top to bottom left to right.
1. gingham mini baker $18.00 from Justmare.etsy.com
2. the measure of Autumn photo $12.00 from knitalatte.etsy.com
3. fingerless gloves $27.00 from Branda.etsy.com
4. Leather wallet in red $59.00 from Valhallabrooklyn.etsy.com
5. Flower serving bowl $47.00 from Oneclaybead.etsy.com
6. Enchanted Alpine needlepoint cottage $38.00 from 5gardenias.etsy.com
7. Nesting journal $12.00 from Bluetoad.etsy.com
8. Hip to be square cutting board $ 40.00 from Granddar.etsy.com
9. 1950's Bamboo decor plastic glasses $25.00 from allunique.etsy.com
10.Rockin ruby and Red ChaCha bracelet $230.00 ablastfromthepast.etsy.com
11. Wooly Acorns $ 12.00 from littleseedlings.etsy.com
12. Imperial Brazil boots $75.00 from VeraVague.etsy.com
13.Olive green and rusty brown set of flowers $6.00 by milkysupplies.etsy.com
14.Colonial house barkcloth pillow $56.00 from squirrelonaledgetop.etsy.com
15.Gold'N peaches lotus necklace $40.00 from Begurple.etsy.com
16.What's your word wristlet $14.00 from zjayne.etsy.com
All of these wonderful sellers have items that would be great for gift giving ... as my listing says
Ov'r the River...through the woods to G'mas house with a twist! Items that will inspire through Thanksgiving and beyond!
I hope you are inspired too.
I will be featuring individual shops from time to time and groupings like this...whenever I am able to put up a treasury!
ps... my last treasury went to the fp...it was all about Noir...if you don't know what that means... you may have to google it!
Thanks bunches for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Leave me a comment as to what shop was your favorite this week! I will post the results next time!
thanks again


Etsy Project Embrace! If you don't know about it... you should!

My friend Jean of 3squares.etsy.com included my Art shop pleinairpainter.etsy.com and more specifically, my " Kansas Mainline " painting. Her lovely treasury was throughly "peacocky" ! Jean coined that one while creating a beautifully blue and green treasury.
The main intention of the treasury, however, was to support Etsy Project Embrace, an ever growing group of Etsians who together are supporting the fight against cancer.

Said Best by Kristin of loveartworks.etsy.com;
"Etsy project embrace is a Universal Coalition of Artists whose main purpose is to create awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed with Cancer, whatever kind it may be. The project began as a way to help our friend and wonderful Etsian, Laura Slocum, who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is currently having chemotherapy. You can read more about Laura and her incredible uplifting journey here
Feel free to join us on this Thread, by sharing your experiences, giving out healing energy to those who need it and posting any EPE related information including Treasuries, blog posts, donation listings, announcements, etc….. or just a friendly post to say “Hi!”…. "

You can help fight cancer by making a donation to the American Cancer Society.
I know we have all been touched by cancer one way or another... a parent, friend, loved one, or ourselves!
Please consider giving a gift... the gift of research...of HOPE ...of a CURE!!!
What a wonderful group of creative women! I am hopeful that I will become a member in the near future!


Look ma no patterns ... look what Krista made !

My new Etsy friend Krista is so crafty and creative. Several months back she purchased a wonderful vintage box chock full of bias tape... all kinds and colors and so much fun. I loved the box just to look at but she had something else in mind... She sent me a link to her blog called " look ma no patterns" which is DARLING! She is crafty and creative and made a pillow cover out of the fabric bias tape.

She has blogged a " how to"! I hope you will check it out.
There, you will find lots of other wonderful photos and instructions telling you exactly how she makes her things . She is a woman after my own heart! Kinda a kindred spirit.
I have ideas like that but never put them to use...
Krista, on the other hand... DOES!!!!
Check out her blog for yourself.
She has an etsy shop as well. ( kitschcuisine.etsy.com ) Check it out too while you are at it!
thanks for stopping by and ...remember.... be enlightened...Get Creative!


Wonderful Etsy Tools

Ok... so I am not working at my official Job... JB Winterberry ... home decor and antiques in Wheaton, IL today and have been surfing the web. Paying much attention to Etsy today. I have decided to experience my very first ( embarrased to say) Virtual Labs Event on how to gain exposure this holiday season... While poking around on Etsy I came up with a wonderful find! It just made my day... and here it is!
http://easyetsy.com/ Click this link to find all of the etsy tools... blog info, non etsy affiliated info... like Heart o matic, Etsy Treasure hunt... and many others

I just love this. more info than anyone can use but so helpful to know... like getting an email when you have been featured on the front page! at STATSY
too much fun for the Etsy addict in me!
mark them as favorites... and have a blast checking them all out!
thanks to Rathina for making this fab list! Check her out at Rathina.etsy.com!

People StyleWatch gift guides for fall!

this afternoon I was delighted to find my original record album chalk board featured in the People style watch gift guides.
I just love that I have been recognized in that way! I hope you can stop by the etsy virtual labs next week and find some more of Peoples picks!
I am happy to be among them!
take a look for yourself!


Vintage Etsy Society! Sellers unite!

I have an idea... I would love to get it off the ground, and may need to wait until the beginning of 2010 to take action. I thought I would write it down so that I didn't forget... so here it is!

I would like to start the " Vintage Etsy Society!" A place that would promote vintage etsy ( sellers who sell items 20 years old or older) I would love to do it locally at first...then expand nationally

if you have ever been to a renegade art fair... in wicker park chicago, you will know what I am talking about. This would be where vintage etsians could unite and sell our wears!

How does it sound to you? If you like the idea ... email me
uz2blayton@aol.com and let me know.
we can start the revolution! The Vintage Revolution that is!
viva la vintage on etsy.com!


Happy Halloween Happenings

Hello all,
This weekend I ventured out with my delightul sis and sisterlike, life long friend Jinny! We took on Scarecrow Fest in St. Charles Il.
What a day! While most of the folks were flocking to the usual pumpkin scarecrow display... adorned with the same cliche owls, scary guys, and John Deere displays.... We were wondering Century Corners. A darling little... off the beaten path and oft forgotten area in St. Charles. Bounded on the South by RT. 64 or North Avenue and on the East by RT. 25, this little sparkling jewel of an area, features several darling shops and creative shop owners.
Townhouse books, for example ( reminds me of "you've got mail" or a little bookstore in downtown Estes park, CO ... or the little one I found while in Moab, Utah this summer), a staple for many years, and hopefully many more to come! This quaint little spot has some wonderful offerings. I found a cool little packet of "walking tours" for Chicago... 50 little cards contained in one little box. Grab a card and head downtown for your own guided tour. What a cute place to linger and hopefully purchase something... please keep this local shop in business!
Attached to that is a nice little cafe, restaurant...ok... I have to admit we didn't stay for lunch... because the place was packed and the wait was long... ( good for them) and we had some shopping to do. A darling shop that we were not able to make time for this visit, called panache, sits just up the hill from most of the frey.

We then headed outside to the vendors on the street. Croissants, soaps, bittersweet and a wonderful potter who does other creative crafts as well... she too, was a talent! (tapestries of nature, mary la frenz of princeton, IL) I wanted to turn her on to etsy...but she doesn't have a computer! I wonder just how many talented folks there are in this world who have no way of reaching international audiences... from a venue like ETSY! What a shame... I hope to run into her again sometime!
We headed to the little sale "barn" where I found something I am sure I can't live without ( I may have to head back this week if it is still there... to purchase it... i am not telling what it is... I don't want you to snatch it up...but if you do... your car better be big... cause it is!)
Along the way I collected leaves made by nature... :) to add to my mantel!
( photo above)

We stopped in an antiques shop (The Glos House) that sits across from the stone house, The gal there is SUPER talented and has a wonderful eye for all things vintage.

I bought a vintage red leather chair with brass tacks that was adorned with vintage cotton flour cloths.... I just love it. How fresh looking! ($20.00) and a wonderful EauClaire Wisconsin shop sign, complete with hooks to hang your hat or jewelry or just about anything else you may find. She painted the top board with chalkboard paint! (how useful) Now I can leave notes for everyone! I wanted to buy everything in the place, because her prices are CRAZY reasonable! I stopped myself... but my sister bought a little vintage pillow that was made from an old needlepoint piece that was exactly like my grandma Stewart used to house on her 3rd floor in Narberth! Les just had to have it!!! What great memories of our childhood!

Off to the cliche craft show. Much smaller than in years past. I am sure the economy has gotten to the little festivals too! Lots of junk vendors, doors, window, siding, dips... dips, dips... 2 vendors selling the same DIP...yuck!!! ( don't ever double dip please!)
Some talents in the crowd included a woman who makes her own paintings
(stenciled) on canvas and she adds a bit of glitz... making just the cutest artwork. www.momsenterprises.com
Last year her things were flying out of the booth...this year with the cold, she was the only one in the booth ! My how times change! I hope she did well. Click on her link to find her cute things!
The other favorite booth was Jewels by Jay. Original knitwear & Accessories. I loved her neck warmers with buttons...they doubled as head wraps...SO CUTE! Great chunky yarns and vintage buttons.
In all, it was a wonderful day. Capped off with seeing this darling Halloween Home!
Enjoy your day in the country this fall and be sure to share some business with the small, local shops. They need your business to stay afloat in this economy
check out the 3/50 site for more details!
Open 7 days a week. Please call for hours.
One block east of the Fox River, in St. Charles, Illinois.
One block north of Route 64.


Brant Miller NBC channel 5 weather photo

I was honored tonight when I arrived home to find an email from Brant Miller, an X dj in Chicago turned weatherman. Brant features weather photos that are submitted by viewers. I finally found his email address and wanted to send him a photo that I took several weeks back, in Fish Creek... Door County Wisconsin.
I am sitting, waiting to see the news to see it on the TV. The best part is that it will be in the Sunday Sun Times News paper in Chicago!
I hope to see it there.
this is a digital photo taken on a canon EOS camera. NO alterations to the photo other than cropping. No Digitalization. All nature... All Gods paintbrush!


A big thank you to LazyTCrochet.etsy.com for the treasury!

A major shout out to my etsy blogger friend LazyTCrochet.etsy.com for featuring me in her latest treasury. I am honored as I know there are so many bloggers that she could have chosen. I know the etsybloggers team sent out an email to the entire team and I know that may bring more folks together! Thank you so much once again and hello to all bloggers that may stop by my site!
Must appreciated!


Opendoor Studio is almost "open"

Click on the photos for greater detail!
My dream for my little studio is to make a wonderful environment in which to create.  I have been sorting and filing and stashing and have come up with some ideas.
Primarily I want it to be a space where I am able to paint my Oils.  My thoughts were to make it a place where I can ask friends to join me in the creative process by attending a "workshop" style get together.
I had a thought to create and "antique shop" feel to the entry area.  I have had so many items in totes from years of flea marketing and I thought, if I put them on display, it may be inspiration for all.  So, after the walls were painted, I began displaying my items.  I will be able to pull them, photograph them and list them on Etsy.  Making the entire process so much easier.
Of Course...if I have a garage sale, I will be able to share my little space with those wishing to take a peek.  I will also happily open by appointment.  I will be available and listing on Etsy on Tuesdays and Thrusdays! 
   I hope to see you soon.


Ahh... Summer ( or the end of it anyway!)

Summer is winding to a close,   the kids have returned to school, albeit a half day.  That means only one thing.  I will be spending more time on my Etsy site.  I have been stocking my " shop" with all kinds of goodies and will be listing soon.
       I am torn between styles.  I am loving the clean look of threepotatofourshop.com but I have so many " shabby " items yet to sell.  I will try to see if I can do anything with them first ...then shift styles to my " clean line" look
         Until then,
   Stay tuned and watch daily for my new Etsy Listings!


In Awe of the Green

Just a sampling of  the beauty found on the Green River out of Moab Utah.  
What a glorious river and what a wonderful group of people to gather with for a 5 day river  adventure.


Moab Utah and the Green River!

Today I head out on a trip I have waited years to take. 
 Friends, Rich and Jacquie, of Small Potatoes fame,
 and I ... and 17 others will be heading to Moab Utah 
for a canoe trip on the Green River. 
 I can't tell you how excited and just a bit nervous I am.  
  While I am having the time of my life, my husband is staying behind with the kids.  The nervous part is...I will have no way of contacting the family after Wednesday and I hope he is not at his wits end by Sunday, when we can be in touch again.
  I am so used to the calls from my daughter for "5 dollars" here and "can I go there" " i need gas" " i'm Bored" or hungry...Which I NEVER mind getting...
  Tony is a terrific texter and keeper in touch 
with the kids...but I am the smoother over one. 
 And, from time to time, it can seem like the verge of WWIII.
  I am praying that all is peaceful on the home front!
My trip will be with 
and will be a slow, Hot , trip down the green river.  
I am so looking forward to capture photos for my paintings, to make a catalogue of scenes.  I am looking forward to camping and time around the campfire.  The trip is unique in that, the focus is on the music in the evenings.  It will be wonderfully fun and a great time to share with my good friends.
       I will share a story or 2 upon my return.


Theres no place like here: Luxton Lake feature on etsy!



"Tina grew up in an old schoolhouse in rural Wisconsin. As a child she would find evidence of the history of the place by the names carved into the bricks and old bottles she would dig up in the yard. Tina likes the things in her house to have a history that she can tell as well as a practical use. She utilizes her collection of old bottles as vases for the flowers she grows in her Narrowsburg garden.

This vintage glass bottle from opendoorstudio would make a lovely vase for your fresh-cut flowers."

 I hope you will view the wonderful video below!


My Beautiful MOO necklace! We did it together!

   I would love to introduce you to a wonderful artist!  Her name is Jean and she is a talented metalsmith.
   I first noticed her work when we were featured in a treasury together about a month ago.  Since then she has been the artist that brought to life a little idea I had.
    Please visit her shop for other wonderful designs!

Here is her description!  I so... appreciate the shout out!!!

 "   "I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!" -- Daniel Day-Lewis in the film “There Will Be Blood” It started as an idea in the mind of http://opendoorstudio.etsy.com, became a collaboration between two Etsians, and resulted in a very cool functional piece.  Moo MiniCards are little works of art and deserve to be seen. This necklace is the perfect way to carry a few, and display them at the same time. Three random windows provide intriguing peeks at your card inside. Cards slide in the top and can easily be switched out whenever the mood strikes.  Looks great without a card too, with the front in nickel and the back copper, both oxidized for an aged appearance. Steel bolts and copper tubes create the space inside. A thumb notch on the back is handy when switching out cards. Pendant measures approximately 1 ½” x 3” and hangs from a 24” copper chain, finished with a lobster clasp. Your necklace will be made especially for you. It will be unique and could vary ever-so-slightly from photo. Many variations are available to suit your card design. Perhaps you would prefer a horizontal orientation, or sterling silver, or circular windows. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a custom order."


Talented local artist that you should know!

I want to introduce you to a fantastically talented artist. 
 She specializes in using Vintage pieces, buckles, beads,clips and 
other unique findings ... to create one of a kind pieces.
     Lisa Strecker
 is so amazing at what she does.
  Her beautiful pieces have been shown in New York, Long Grove, Chicago, Wheaton and Yorkville.
  Those of us who know her ... appreciate her genuine uniqueness 
and her wonderful personality.
              She will be entering the etsy world with her newly created shop
 And her new blogspot . 
 I hope you will check her things out and be sure to contact her for a private view of the wonderful Jewelry pieces she lovingly creates.
          Lisa is an artisan you should know!


Etsy Bloggers shout out!

A Special thanks to LazyTcrochet.etsy.com from the etsy bloggers street team, for featuring my vintage blooming candle sticks in her latest treasury.
  It is so nice that other Etsy Bloggers support one another
 please stop by and check it out!
                  thanks bunches,


Vintage is alive and well... At least while these wonderful Sellers are around!

Thought it was time to introduce you to some wonderful Vintage sellers on Etsy.

  I love them because they are incredibly talented and caring people.  Believe it or not, one can make some terrific friends selling on Etsy.
 Kathi, the shop keeper of  5gardenias.etsy.com and Kathiroussel.etsy.com
has become a friend.  She is kind enough to think of me and  to feature something from my shop in her fresh treasury's. 
 Her photography is outstanding and 
I admire the way she carefully stages each piece
 for her photos. 
 Her care and attention to detail is apparent in everything she does.
  Kathi is currently donating 10% of her sales to a fellow etsian who has been striken with cancer.   
 Now that is what it is all about!
Lauren at
has become a friend as well.  The approach she takes in developing her etsy shop creates such a fresh, 
clean look. 
 Clean lines and that shiny apple, which always graces her photos, are her trademark. 
 Lauren is so kind to alert me whenever she sees my shop featured... she also lets me know when something needs attention. 
 Misspellings and bad links, she notices when I have not posted things for a while.  Whenever I hear from her and she mentions that... I am sure to jump back in and do some listing.  She is keeping me going ( I don't know that she knows that) 
 But I just LOVE that and only wish we lived closer so that we could get together for coffee to discuss fresh ways to keep motivated!  Thanks Lauren for your encouragement... Always!     vintology is currently having a sale...be sure to stop by and pick up a fun vintage find! 
One of my newest Etsy friends is from the U.P. Michigan... Heather runs
She jumped in with both feet recently, and has caught the attention of the Etsy Admin staff. She has been featured in many front page treasury's as well as gift guides.  
Her kind convos brighten my day. 
 Her eye for selecting items and staging her photos is wonderful.
       Heather has added some fresh, fun repurposed finds like the one seen in the photo above. 
 Clicking on her shop ... you will see what I mean. 
Sandy has become friend and I am so lucky that she lives in the area.  Her shop, 
features some fun finds.
  We have gotten together, when we can, to chat about what's new in our shops... we have shared techniques and tips and she has a great eye for finding some awesome things while vacationing with her family.
Sandy's eclectic mix is sure to spark your imagination and I am sure you will find something you enjoy from her shop!  
She has some great vintage chairs, fans and luggage too!
I can't wait to feature some of my handmade friends too...Stay tuned!


With a family name like " STEWART " one can't help but LOVE plaid.  This latest treasury is dedicated to family ... mostly on the East Coast... whom I miss LOTS!


Painting Out with the ' WILDERNESS PAINTERS'

I have been looking for a group to paint out with whenever possible and this week I found one.  Last Friday my husband found an article in the local paper about the wilderness painters.  A diehard group that paints out "plein air" no matter the weather.  After receiving the link online I decided to jump in and contact the group coordinator and find out the details
   Sunday morning was lovely.  The perfect lighting and temp.  No rain in the forecast.
  I ventured out, grabbed my supplies ( it had been since last October that I had ventured outdoors to set up) 
   Cantigny Park was the destination.  I arrived shortly after 8:30 am.  Met the group.  A wonderful group of folks who are SO talented. ( I can't wait to learn from them all...just by observing).  We all  found our own spot.  Mine was in the middle of the park,  blue spruce,  golden yews... so pretty.  Shortly after setting up... a red tailed hawk set down just about 10 feet in front of me.   You realize just how peaceful it is painting out... it is quiet and it is just you, nature and your palette.
  I finished my painting  and hearing the bells tole, I packed up and headed back to the lot to meet the group.  What wonderful work!
     I had such a nice time..I can't wait until next time.
                 Please see the link for the paintings and more information on the wilderness painters.


Fun With a Welding Torch!

I just wanted to share a fun piece I made while with my family to Door County several summers ago.  

We happened upon a wonderful place called Hands on Art Studio.  I LOVE the concept as Door County is known for its art studios scattered about the county.  What a lovely way to create some art of your own after being inspired in the galleries that abound.

My family landed on the site and dispersed around the studio, Aubrey and Hannah worked on mosaics and frames crafted from wood,  Aubrey created a tile for the silo where the money goes to a favorite charity.  Colin and Tony hit the welding studio to put together a wonderful metal sculpture of a "guy"... for our garden.
I decided to work on a sculpture.  They have a "metal buffet" for you to choose pieces from.  I chose 3 different pieces for the legs... thought to use a metal bowl piece as a birdbath... and a metal "s" shaped piece to suspend the bird feeder.  I then created a glass piece in their fused glass studio and tacked it to the frame I had welded to make it a more interesting art piece.
 I just love the way the light catches it!   
I love the way it looks in my eclectic garden!
  I hope you all have a chance to visit beautiful Door County sometime in your life...and while you are there stop by the "hands on art studio"  it is a treat for artists of all ages!



Thank you for including me in your Treasury

Just a quick note to send a thank you to Mysticwynd for including me in her latest Etsybloggers Team Treasury.   I really appreciate it and Love to meet new bloggers.


Old Fashioned fun!

It's time to hit the road and head out to see the Golden Gate Bridge...
My childhood stomping ground. 
 This time around it is with Thelma and Louise 
( aka Leslie, my sister ...and Jinny...you might as well call her my other sister.) 
 For a week of wine country, antiquing, cable car riding, highway 1 driving, 
beach loving, kayaking, sunset watching...wedding going
 ( ok that is the true reason to be heading West)
...but I can't wait to take it all in!
What fun we will have!  maybe the East Coast will be our NEXT big adventure!
      come along for the ride!


So nice to have Friends to show you the way!!!

Thanks to my friends at Vintology for turning me on to a new Etsy tool.

  Love this site  Craftopolis... it will show you if you are featured in any treasury's in the Main and West sites as well as Gift Guides features and... whether you are an alternate.
 It even has a timer that will show you when it is getting close to Treasury creating time!
 how fun is that!


What a day!

Today I received a confirmation from the Etsy bloggers street team... that I have been accepted!  I was so excited I thought I would come to my blog and write about it.  Before I did I checked out Etsy and found that I had many folks mark my shop as a favorite today... that can mean only one thing...I have been mentioned in an article or featured on the fP...sure enough  ...
   Todays  Storque article on collections was what did it.  Pez dispensers... who knew!
While looking at my blog.  I noticed someone had commented on one of my posts....you can see it below.  The article about the wire chandelier.  It was taken right out of Sue and Ki's book " junk market style" .... Ki found my blog and my etsy shop and left a very nice comment here on my blog.
  I am totally flattered that she stopped by and am floored yet again that Etsy admin has featured another of my items.
      thank you!  I am humbled!


Junking in Style

Today I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of LaVelle Davis to Walter Vallette
     LaVelle , fondly know as elle...met Wally while attending Church in our small midwestern town.  
  She is 75 and he is 80 or so.  Their union makes her officially...
     drum roll please.........   
  LaVelle Vallette....how is that for a name.
anyhow....After the wedding, 
I asked a friend to come " junk" with me in our local town. 

     We hopped in my Bug convertible and off we went.  We had so much fun finding all kinds of things that we can repurpose.
   I found an old 6 panel door.  A tall thin one... I am thinking of using for a thin table.  I have small castoff glass pieces that will fit perfectly into the panels.

We found 2 old metal cage like boxes.  They will be perfect for repurposing into lighting for outdoors.  Several houses down we came upon a wonderful pile of junk...great glass globes that I think I will attach to the wire cage and hang from pully I picked up this weekend.

My friend Val... found 5 little glass globes in a box.  I plan to illuminate them with tea lights in the garden.  I will just dig a tiny bit into the soil so that they are firmly placed and drop a tea light down inside.
        they will match the lights I plan to make that will adorn the trees.

             I found an old wood piece that once served as a foot stool for an adirondack chair.  I will mount that to the wall to make for an interesting shelf....
    What fun I will have.  
    I hope you had as much fun this weekend as I did!


Small But Affordable Art...A thank you to Paperwhite!

I wanted to thank " paperwhite" for featuring my little ACEO in her blog.  what a pleasant surprise!  soooooo


Insulator fun continued ...start reading from the bottom for even more fun! or read your computer upside down.

                                                                                  Enjoy!________________________Step 4.  Finished product...this time it has been converted into a pretty vase...you can                   adorn your garden with pretty pops of color where they may not usually grow.
               (root some plants in it while you are at it!)
step 3.  Hang from the cup hook and place a tea light inside...light and enjoy.  Be sure                  you do not light it if it is too close to dry dead wood.  This idea is meant to use                    with tealights only.  I don't recommend anything larger.
step 2.  I wired around the bottom with some very heavy but workable wire.
               I made the piece long enough that you could use the" tail" to bend into a loop to                hang on the cup hook that I screwed into the tree.

step 1....last year I placed several larger insulators in my garden...I had just pushed them down partially into the dirt.  They were wonderfully glowing.  This year, I wanted to improve on my insulator idea...and this one is a fresh idea for you to try!


fun with vintage finds

This is kind of a " how to" blog entry. 
   I had seen Sue and Ki, from the now defunked Country Home magazine, put together a very cool garden chandelier ... I copied their design.  Using some, fresh from the curbside, vintage garden wire... I bent it into a circle, adjoined the ends (by bending the wire onto itself) then attached vintage telephone insulators to the sides.  Simple process and it only took about 30 minutes.  

  I hung chain from it and in the tall branch of my very old apple tree,  I screwed an eye hook and pully.  I ran the cloths line rope from the chandelier, through the pully and down to a knot on the tree.  An old broken branch know serves as a tie 
  I have knotted several areas so that I can take it down to place tea lights inside and light them for a pretty glow in my outdoor room.

     In the winter i take it down and place a squirrel proof feeder on the rope ( we always leave 1 chain link for ease of switching the items we hang).
     The Birds love it in the winter and we love it Spring, Summer and Fall.
try it... it is such a fun thing to do!

I can't Stand it!!!!

This little garden claw it worth it's weight in gold.
     It has made it to the front page yet again this morning!      Yippee!!!


Six treasury's at one time and a storque article...all today!

Another great day at Etsy.
  Today I have been featured in 6, count 'em Six treasury's.  I have also been featured in the Storque article "going Dutch ".
      I hope you will check them out.

Another Front Page item... I am on a roll!

I am Happy to report , yet another wonderful Etsy front page shout out!  
 I missed it as usual but my retro decanter and shot glass set was featured.  check it out for yourself.
        isn't it cute.
             Thanks to etsy Admin!


Tweet, Tweet...life is all a twitter!

Ok... so I now have an " official " twitter page... as opposed to the " unofficial" one.
     I have finally gotten my act together to link my twitter to my blog to my etsy site... I think I need a full time job doing that.
         I will, when I have time, update as to what is happening in my world.
          thanks for following me to twitter


dual front page and 3 gift guide listings...etsy life is good!!!

just a quick note.... I think I had the best featured day ever on Etsy.
  Yesterday about 10 am , my fiesta pedestal was featured in a treasury from a gal from Chicago.  What an honor to finally have an item reach the front page.  Today when I awoke I checked etsy and clicked on the Front Page...lo and behold my garden claw tool was on the front page.  2 front page items in less than 24 hours after never having one... tonight I arrived home to find 3 of my items featured in the gift guides section,
  my garden claw was in the home and garden gift guide and my nutmeg chopper was in the slow foods gift guides... I also had another item, the little vintage Camera featured in the mens gift guide... All is good at Etsy.  I am so happy and excited.   
         thanks to Etsy admin staff for recognizing my shop.