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Oh Happy Day!
Thank you Christine for the blog feature on Etsy today!
I have a little " studio" out back, full of funky vintage finds... all waiting to find a home! I am open by appointment!
You may email me at opendoorstudio@yahoo.com if you need more information!
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Here is the Article if you missed it on Etsy today!

Get the Look Decor: Warehouse Chic

ChristineThis weekend's Get the Look Decor is inspired by the 1920's Cape Cod-style home of Martha Layton Smith, where she lives with her husband, three kids, cats and an old pup named Sadie. About 30 years ago, Martha's home was put on wheels and moved to its current location in Warrenville, a small town about 30 miles outside of Chicago, where her family has lived happily ever since. Visit Martha on Flickr for more photos of her bright and cheery home.

Describe your home decorating style.
I call my style "warehouse chic," a phrase I coined some years back. It all began when I was visiting my sister. As she cleaned out her garage I found a great old metal Shell gasoline sign. When I asked about it, she said she'd uncovered it while helping to clean up the Gulf in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I then turned my attention to some old lube drums she was discarding, intrigued by their graphics and color. I thought they would make wonderful side tables. That was the beginning of my industrial style.

Where are your favorite places to shop for home items?
I have to be honest: I think the last time I set foot in a retail store to buy something "new" must have been about five years ago. I prefer flea markets (Elkhorn, Wisconsin is my favorite), antique shops and grabbing things from the curb. I may have worn the brakes off of my car stopping to collect things along the road. And of course, I love browsing Etsy vintage shops for great finds. I have purchased some unusual pieces from the nicest sellers around.

What inspires you when it comes to decorating?
I am inspired by color: the brighter, the better. I love mixing in things you would not usually see in a home, like my oil drum tables or the industrial table I repurposed in my dining room, which proudly sits under a beautiful crystal chandelier that I paired with some folding chairs from an old camp town.

What is your favorite part about your home?
I love my family room; it's where I create my artwork. It's also where I display my collections of family snapshots, vintage painting supplies, old books, cameras and globes. I love my kitchen as well. I have to admit, I have photos of my parents and grandparents in their kitchens, and I have been meaning to enlarge them and hang them on the walls. I always remember the family gathering in the kitchens of days passed! Great memories of my childhood.

Does your home hold any strong memories?
Oh yes! Almost everything in our home has a memory to be shared. I would love nothing more than to put on a pot of coffee and tell the rich stories of every object in my home. I love our bright surroundings! I believe people feel right at home here... I wouldn't have it any other way!

If you love your vintage with a splash of color, then you'll definitely want to visit Martha's Etsy shop, opendoorstudio, or stop by her blog for even more decorating tips and vintage inspirations. Martha is also the captain of the flourishing 1000+ member Vintage Etsy Society Street Team. Browse their team tag "vestiesteam" to find over 470,000 items for sale by its active members.

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