Angel food Cake with Drunkin Strawberries

Recipe: Angel Food cake with Drunkin Strawberries 

We were asked to a Mexican fiesta and were required to bring a dish to share.  We had been on the road and very busy... So I decided to bring ingredients on the fly, to the party.   I remembered the angel food cake with fresh sliced strawberries tossed in a bit of dark brown sugar that I always love ... But to add the Mexican flair, I added cinnamon and dash of Mexican vanilla we happened to have on hand ...  I let that refrigerate for a few minutes then spooned the mixture over the angel food slice... I spied some Chambord a raspberry liquor and some Cointreau, an orange liquor... I thought to give the partakers a choice... We drizzled their choice over the spooned on strawberry mixture and it was a hit!