OOAK Handpainted IPhone Cover

I had an idea, as you might know by now... I am an idea person.

I had been looking at wooden phone covers on Etsy for months now 
( like this one from EXOvault )
 After spending a fortune at the Apple Store for my phone,  
I decided I would have to wait for my coveted wooden cover...
While browsing the internet, I found a clear cover for only $3.99 with free shipping.

Tossing thoughts of the wooden cover aside for now...
   I decided to create an original watercolor,
Trim it to fit under the plastic cover and Enjoy!
top left: I phone in clear plastic cover. top center: blank tag, top right: Small watercolor set
center left:  black Micron 20 pen. center:  small illustration complete.  center right:  cut the tag to fit the plastic for the back of the phone
bottom left:  complete illustration of the Lincoln Park Lagoon and the Hancock building in Chicago.  bottom center: side view.


New at the "Studio"

Something for your Valentine.

Scientific flip charts from a 1924 Body book

 Original Oil paintings, Valentines, Games and so much more!

What are you waiting for?... Shop OpendoorStudio today.


Valentine Vignettes

Love the Valentine dress on the dress form! 

A closer look.  Cute little Valentine Chocolate box
( purchase a vintage box and fill it with candies from a local chocolatier)
that red box and rose are only $8.00!

Mary Ellen's cute cabinet.  This would be darling anywhere in your home!

Pink Depression glass.  Gather your girlfriends and have a Valentine themed Tea party!

Aren't these baskets cute! Cathy has adorned them with little tags using Scrabble pieces!

Be sure to visit Cathy and Mary Ellen at 
 You will find their booth directly down the stairs,
So Cute!


It's Flea Market Time Again!

We are excited to being our 2012 season...
 Planning the markets we will be attending and adding inventory to sell.
    We have Applications out there and are waiting for responses
We have so many great industrial pieces, rolling carts and plenty of "warehouse chic" styling!
We will be attending Elkhorn and will be bringing the little travel trailer along too!
Who knows....

Keep Tuned in here for more information on the shows as they become available!
             Here are some views from the years past!

if you LOVE color... we've got it!

notice the sod on the table!

this photo was from 3 years ago... my colorful trophies...an original idea!
These sold to Tommy Hilfiger for their ad campaign

vintage market and art faire at LIL RED SCHOOLHOUSE

This past season at elkhorn... note the numbered chairs

this past fall at Elkhorn, Wi


Fast forward to 2013

It's only day ONE of 2012... Please...
Someone fast foward me to 2013... 'cause 2012 has not begun very smoothly!
         Praying for family unity, love, caring and compassion!

New for 2012 Prop Rental from OpendoorStudio Wheaton, Il

OpendoorStudio Prop Rental

New in 2012 
Vintage Prop Rental for your Party, Wedding, photo shoot or film making needs.
        please email 
 martha @uz2blayton@aol.com for more information.
 Below you will see an example of some of the fun items we can offer available for rent!

Vintage oil drum table, Maniquin

old wood shelf, bowl, desk . camera collection
and various globes

clip hangers

painted trophies

typewriter, vintage phone, map of the US, globe.
 sorry the desk is no longer available for rental

various vintage garden tools

arrows, billiard balls

book ends and various books
this collection is multi colored
red, blue, beige collections available

Vintage camera

vintage duoflex2 camera

vintage military bar pins

various pennants in sizes from small to large

saucers, troughs, buckets, coolers, tables of varying sizes

vintage luggage, rolling cart, chairs, buckets, pennants, 

Vintage insulators, tackle boxes, row boat paddles, bottles and jars

Globes, wall decor, ladders in blue and yellow, wood handled mugs, picnic coolers

various paper, old lunch pail, clips, scientific items, jars, etc.

vintage duo fles kodak camera

various butteryfly and moth prints


darts, arrows, vintage game pieces

vintage jars, marbles of all colors, sewing notions in jars,
vintage game pieces in jars

vintage numbered books, old safety reflector

vintage lettering

scientific items

various sporting items, files, racks,license plated, decoys, 

vintage signage, wonderbread sign, shell sign ( not pictured)

vintage 12.5 foot travel trailer 

vintage pricing labels

various vintage games and game pieces
Please contact martha at uz2blayton@aol.com , Opendoorstudio.yahoo.com or Opendoorstudio.etsy.com for more items or to see a viewing of actual items available.