How EXCitiNG! Seeing your work in print!

I am so excited to announce my Society6 shop!
NOW you can order items I have in my shop, photos, graphic design, my original watercolors, oils and more ( in print)  on PILLOWS, Iphone skins, tote bags....Travel Mugs as well as prints.

My Happy Camper pillow... take on a recent trip to Door County... perfect for YOUR happy camper!


Boho / Indie bedroom decor : How to

Add simple elements you love.  Plants add to the airy feel.  We created easy to make diy macramé hangers for the little ceramic pots by using 4 long pieces of jute we doubled over... Creating 8 strands, tying a knot at the end and then adding a few simple knots along the side to secure the little pot. Attach a nail to the wall and hang.  Hint: grouping several together adds impact.
We liked the wall tapestry from etsy / society6.com in a cool blue landscape. We added pillows to the feminine comforter from "Tuesday Morning".  Rummaging thru our collected vintage finds we added a twig side table and found antlers, sourced from our favorite little spot just outside Algoma, Wi. 
The arrow was from hobby lobby and adds a touch of metal as well as  a geometric element.  
Not shown, we used an old oriental rug on the floor... thin and warm, as well as a handmade woven rug, to add a bit of color and eclectic style.
 A mid century modern dresser/cabinet makes for a great space for the computer workspace and succulents add a bit of life to the room. A jar of porcupine quills and old feathers finish off the look.
The handmade adventure art piece on wood panel was from travel&dwell on etsy. 
Adding a simple made by hand (opendoorstudio) cage of wire around the terra cotta potted - moss rose, and baskets to add interest to the space.  The ladder was from my mother and holds a favorite quilt.  
The simple photo holders below were created using our jute again (with this rustic style, jute can be your friend).  Determine the correct length for your photos.  We did four lengths but you could make a banner-like continuous string too.  We found favorite photos of friends and printed them in black and white.  Among them we added favorite locales, we printed them in muted colors to add interest. (Opendoorstudio) You may connect them however you like.  Paper clips, clothes pins, additional jute, pins or tape.  Each adds your own personal style.

Let us know what you think of our boho bedroom?  


Labor Day Lobster Fest 2015

Lobster and steak, what better way to cap off a great Labor Day weekend.  Fun spending time with family and enjoying our feast!  How did you spend your Labor Day holiday? 


Bliss Vintage Truck, Our Ford F100... Makes a SPLASH!

photo by two birds photography.
How thrilled was I to see our own "Bliss Vintage Truck" featured in the "Splash" Section of the Chicago Sun times.  She was featured for her Maiden Voyage 2015 for the Brairs - DiSanto Wedding in Chicago.  Click the photo above by Two Birds Photography... for the entire scoop! Whoot.... how exciting! (Wishing only, that they would have included the info on our truck rental...One never knows when goodness will happen.  It is always looming just around the corner.)


Apartment decor : 101 ... moving on up!

 Before:  With many hands...move in day became light work.  We decided to "ground" the living area with a larger area rug.  This makes it pull together visually.  WE found the rug below at Ikea, but it seemed a bit too small once we had gathered all of the basic components.  The Couch and Pink chair were from Treasure house, a lovely resale shop in Glen Ellyn, Il benefitting Metropolitan Family Services of DuPage County, and the mirrored tables were from Jubilee Furniture in Carol Stream, IL.  
 The Bedroom:  We hung lightweight curtains over the blinds, using rods purchased at Ikea.  We used command strips on either side of the window and extended them actually from the ceiling to give the look of taller ceilings,  Bedspread, duvet cover was from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Side table was from At Home in Schaumburg, IL.  
hint: note the side table...Finding items with open bases, make a space seem a little lighter and not as heavy.
 Below: You can see we found a rug we loved with a bold design.  Hint: When desiging for a small space, don't be afraid to go for bold patterns, it can actually make a space seem larger.  Pairing a few black, cream and gold pillows on the chairs... pulls the look together.  WE were still working on the wall behind the sofa, but this was already a great start.
 Below:  A closer look at the gold tones, silver tones, creams, blacks  and baby pinks that we chose for this "Hollywood Regency" style look.  
 Below: We found a great mid century dresser piece that had a beat up top on it.  WE decided to paint it with a glossy white and left the legs wood to mimic the current West Elm Style we see everywhere.  WE found a 12x12 bookcase at Ikea, that filled the space to the left perfectly.  The little glass and brass table lamp came from the Treasure House.  
Again, a treasure house find.  The Black Lacquer bowed glass breakfront was perfect to store her pink rimmed restaurant ware that we found at the goodwill.  The Mushroom shaped Ikea Table was a bargain at 32.00 in the clearance isle... a little white caulk in the little holes on the bottom pedestal where they had bolted it to a display.. and it saved us almost 150.00.  The Acrylic chairs are perfection! ... they disappear and make a small space look large! love the touches of chrome.  Adding the black and white rug we had previously had in the living room completed the look!

 Above: the mirror in the small entry, brings in light to that space and gives you a peek at what you will see when you arrive in the living space.  Under the mirror is a thin mirrored table, perfect to place your keys when you return home after a busy day.  
 The pink ice bucket above was the perfect find at a vintage sale, it sets off the mood with the inclusion of the print we happened to find at Discoveries resale shop when we were pulling together the look.  The Swanky gal in the sleek black dress on a pedistal table with a martini in gold and pink and black... Perfect! ( you cant see the  martini glasses but they are in the black cabinet.. rimmed in gold) 
 Above: the entry greets you and provides a place to drop your keys and take off you shoes.

 A view of our small space.  The entire Apartment was 750 square feet.  There is a nice tucked in kitchen you can see below, and a bathroom, large walk in closet and bedroom as well.

 In all, we feel we created a bright and cheerful spot on a very limited budget!  It all came together with items from inexpensive shops and thrift stores.  Shop around! You will be glad you did!


Hannah's Soon to be Famous Pasta Salad

Hannah's Soon to be Famous Pasta Salad

My daughter Hannah was remembering a pasta salad I "used to make".  It had been many years, but today, she and her brother Colin went shopping.  They gathered ingredients.  Upon their return, I had the water boiling and Hannah began to create a delish pasta salad.  It is SOOO good that I have decided to post it as to not forget how she made it.

  Here goes.

Hannah's Soon to be Famous Pasta Salad
*makes one large bowl of pasta salad perfect for taking to a picnic or your next family reunion.

1/4 bottle Robust Italian Salad Dressing
1 Package Multi colored Rotini noodles cooked Al Dente
1/3 lb salami sliced thick and cut into chunks
1/3 lb small pepperoni (packaged)
20 Fresh grape or cherry tomatoes, Sliced in half
3/4 jar black olives, drained and sliced in half
1/4 lb Pepperjack cheese cubed ( small pieces)
1/2 Medium Red onion Chopped
1  green pepper, Chopped
Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pepper to taste
Parmesan Cheese

Prepare all ingredients (chop etc) while boiling the pasta to Al Dente (test for doneness at about 7 minutes.  Hint: you want the pasta somewhat firm).  Once the pasta has boiled, Drain and allow to cool for several minutes. Once drained and cooled, add the prepared Italian salad dressing and toss the pasta.
Add the pepperoni, salami,tomatoes, cheese, olives, onion, green pepper to the pasta and toss, drizzle with evoo and add parmesan cheese and pepper to taste.  Toss again and refrigerate.

You may also add, gardinare, hot peppers, broccoli or cauliflower, sweet snap peas would be great as well! 
         Serve and Enjoy!

  oh... a little feta cheese would be good too... but I think it was perfect just how she made it

For a link to some of our other family favorites... click here   - oh... and don't forget to share! 


Cute Vintage Camper ... Summer Roadtrip 2015

Miss Mabel, Tony and I... took a road trip.
Can you guess where we went?
Here are a few hints, Cherries, Goats, Plein Air Painting and Sunsets!
(oh and did we mention... the cutest little tiny house this side of the mighty mississippi?)

you guessed it...
 Greetings from DOOR COUNTY
(Summer 2015, Wagon Trail Campground site 205 and Fish Creek Campground site 208)
for more views of our cute little camper... check out our pinterest board and instagram pages...you may find something you like!