Fall Rustic Woodland Wedding: First Look … part 2

A relatively new trend in wedding styling is to photograph the "First Look" where the bride and groom get out the wedding jitters… by seeing one another before the ceremony… while photos are being taken.  Our lovely Rustic Woodland Wedding was no exception. 
Here are some views of the capturing of the "First Look"

 First Look: The setting, a local barn, just "down the road  a bit".  The idea, to get the "first look" on camera… and the nervous jitters out of the way… gathering with family and wedding participants… 

The bride and groom were placed on adjacent sides of the barn.  They were told not to look, but to walk closer to the corner, until they reached out for one another's hands (with a little help from a groomsman). On the count of three… they were able to look… and capture that moment on film. (The large photo above)

 "People moving out… people moving in".  The photographer (the grooms mother) felt this captured the activity of the day and what her brain felt like in the weeks moving up to the actual wedding day!  Organized chaos at its best.

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Fall Rustic Woodland Wedding : TableScapes and decor : a gorgeous family affair. Part 1


Head Table: Rustic touches.  Deer skull adorned with pine boughs, pine cones and bittersweet. 
(By The Ultimate Elf, OpendoorStudio and Nutmeg Events) Vintage doors are used as a backdrop.  Lace and burlap hang from rope behind the bridal table.

The bride, groom and groom's mother brought together friends and family to create a special day!.  The grooms aunt (OpendoorStudio) acted as planner and curator for the event.  Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and neighbors pitched in to make it a one of a kind, unique rustic woodland affair!

Groundwork was laid by the groom and his brothers, the yard cleared of brush, mulch by the truck load by his brothers. The grooms uncle and cousin raked the paths to lay down a solid foundation.  Wood was split for the bonfire and s'mores, lights went up using a bobcat… the bride and her parents as well as  the groom and his family and friends helped to put them up.  

Wedding Invitations were created and handmade by the brides aunt.  Maps of the location were created to look like little treasure maps and were included with the invitations.  The perfect touch!

Burlap banners were cut and sewn my neighbors and friends, flowers grown and chosen by the grooms aunt and cousin, Rustic bar was made by the groom and his brothers.  The bride wanted to incorporate some special pennies with important dates that were significant to the couple.  Pennies were incorporated in to her bouquet (seen above) and the fountain was added to the Enchanted Woods at Twisted Pines. Pennies were given to all who attended the wedding (in lieu of birdseed and bubbles) so that they could all make a wish for the happy Newlyweds… at the reception.

The rustic cupcake stand was made by the groom.  The large rustic table was left behind in their home and fit the bill perfectly for the cupcake stand.  The round bar top tables were made by the groom and his brother, they were stained by the grooms brother and brides father.  Burlap was added to the table tops.  A large wood slice was placed outside the reception for all of the attendees to sign. (It will be made in to a table for the couple by the groom)

The brides bouquet was created by the grooms cousin and aunt, who had grown much of the florals in their own gardens throughout  the year.  They brought along some amazing choices for the bride and bridesmaids to create their one of a kind bouquets… right there… on site!  Amazing to watch and oh so beautiful!  Each bouquet was hand tied and adorned with a burlap and lace ribbon.  Flowers were created for the table tops, added to ball jars, filling nests and adorning the cake table and fountains.  Hydrangea was dried to add interest.  Succulents were added to the head table in a lovely birch box, brought by the grooms cousin and aunt.  The grooms Aunt made a delightful box for the cards to be held in… with a pumpkin and florals on top.

The bar was made using up cycled materials that were found around the property.  The ladder above, was stored for 18 years, aside the wedding planners barn… waiting for it's special day to shine!  The lights on the ladder were supplied by the grooms uncle, wine bottles wrapped in lights and grapevines wrapped in lights…set the mood for the reception.

The brides family made the cupcakes to add a quaint feel and delicious taste to the cake table.

The decor set the ground work for a lovely woodland, rustic reception.

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Ahh… Fall in Michigan.

Midwest is best for vibrant fall color.  Along Lake Michigan's lake shore, in Douglas, you will find a darling group of cottages called Timberbluff.  They are beautifully appointed to every last detail.  It is the perfect spot for family and friends to gather.  We gather there once a year, in the fall… to enjoy the colors of Michigan. (And a little wine too!)

crabapples on a tree at the cider winery.

Primary colors in Saugatuck
Colorful trees along the roadside
Lakeview cottage at Timberbluff

Down the road to the lake.

Wineries on the way home.

Grapevines in Michigan. Fall Splendor!