Good things come in Medium sized packages!

Yesterday, After many trips TO the post office to ship items... I went to PICK UP an item I bought on Etsy several weeks ago.  I have been looking for a pair of Vintage cowboy boots.  I took a chance with a pair that I had found.  The seller was not sure of the size ...it was an estimate.  I did a bit of research before my purchase and by some of the stitching I  found that they were manufactured in  Canada and by the same makers of the Mounties boots. Alberta boot company...  I went for it.  Waiting with anticipation.  I had never bought something that I had not been able to try on before.
I picked up my box... couldn't wait... opened it in the car... took out one of the boots and they looked like they might be too small.
The minute I arrived home... I put one on... they fit like they had been made for me.
    I love them ...The price was right!  What a find... you never know what you can find on Etsy. 

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