Finally Front Page!

It took an entire day and a half ... but here it is.  My second front page.  I ran this one twice.  The first time the title was   " a sunny disposition" cute but didn't get much attention...
   The second was   
 !..... Twitter....! 
 I wrote..."short, sweet  or should I say Tweet... and to the point... and that's that." 
  I figured " twitter" was a hot word these days and it is just a short and to the point site.  I liked the bird tie in... it worked and got the attention of the Etsy admin.
   I am trying to think like one!


  1. I remember you telling me that you did this before. You pick out these items as going together and items you appreciate and then you send it to etsy for consideration right?

  2. Actually. anyone can post a treasury. You choose items that you like, or that might work together with a theme. Etsy likes a variety of items. Then, when you submit your treasury (along with about 700 other people). You have about 2 1/2 days for the admin folks to find yours. I try to name it something that someone will stop for. Marketing I guess. Pick mine out of the crowd. Then, randomly, the admin folks at Etsy will choose about 20 a day. So, on average from 700 listings in 3 days about 60 are chosen for the front page. sort of happenstance.
    if any of that makes sense!
    thanks for the comment

  3. Thanks Opendoor Studio for introducing me to Etsy and your blogspot! It is obvious you love what you are doing! Isn't the saying "love what you do and the money will follow?" I hope that you are extremely successful in this endeavor. I look forward to visiting you site often to see if there is something I can't live without.

    Mary Ellen


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