I'll take mine with Cream and Sugar Please!

This post is quite random... 

Yesterday my Husband , Son (11yrs) and I went out for breakfast at a little pancake house across from our Church.  
  I believe everything inside was original to the place... I am told it is at least 40 years old...my son, when asked to pass the Cream and Sugar, looked at me with a blank stare ...next to the salt and pepper shakers there were only packets of Equal and Sweet N' Low.  I asked my husband to pass the sugar please, he looked at me as well... as if to say... they are out of sugar packets.  Clearly on the table next to the packet dispenser was a " vintage" sugar jar.  Silver top, filled to the brim with sugar.  No paper waste except for the original  5 lb bag it came in, back in the kitchen somewhere.  The way it used to be... the way it SHOULD be.  Next to it on the table was the little silver cream pitcher, complete with flip up lid.  
  It was truly a teachable moment.  Just a comment on our current " uncultured" culture, that the young ones have not experienced.  I showed my son how  "in the old days" you would just measure the sugar into the spoon.   No need for waste.
 I guess that is one more reason I love all things Vintage.   Timeless quality, durability... less for our landfills!


  1. So true.. of course I too can remember the day when every restaurant used the usual sugar and cream containers... I would like to say we were not a wasteful generation back then, but the truth is we probably were the start of the waste generation... so sad and now we have had to learn the hard way what waste can do to a society.

  2. I totally agree! Thank you for your comments


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