dual front page and 3 gift guide listings...etsy life is good!!!

just a quick note.... I think I had the best featured day ever on Etsy.
  Yesterday about 10 am , my fiesta pedestal was featured in a treasury from a gal from Chicago.  What an honor to finally have an item reach the front page.  Today when I awoke I checked etsy and clicked on the Front Page...lo and behold my garden claw tool was on the front page.  2 front page items in less than 24 hours after never having one... tonight I arrived home to find 3 of my items featured in the gift guides section,
  my garden claw was in the home and garden gift guide and my nutmeg chopper was in the slow foods gift guides... I also had another item, the little vintage Camera featured in the mens gift guide... All is good at Etsy.  I am so happy and excited.   
         thanks to Etsy admin staff for recognizing my shop.

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