Take your Child to work day!

It was a fun day today... it was" Take your child to work day".. realizing that I was not " working" at my real job today... I wanted my son to have a workday experience so...I let my 12 year old son stay home with me to work on Etsy ... we had to check etsy in the morning, as soon as we woke up. We had sold several items (15 to be exact) that had to be shipped. Before we could ship we had to make the little goodies I put in the boxes. We found the shipping supplies and packed things, Went to ship at the post office, 6 of the items were going out of the country so we had to write out customs receipts, we tried our hand at the automated machine for the others...Then we headed off to the office supply store to replenish shipping supplies, Tape,pens,envelopes etc...Had to stop at kinkos to check the fedex shipping cost as a special request from one of my customers... came home, tool photos of the next items to list (colin was in complete control of the photos today)...We had to come up with descriptions for the items to list. list them on Etsy... in all this... one of my items was on the front page....I realized it when I arrived home.
what a day.... in the life of an Etsian....I LOVE IT!
I have to work my " real job" tomorrow and attend a wedding and sat is my daughters bday. lots to do , there never seems to be a dull moment around here
I really did appreciate his help...he was a trooper.

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