The Waiting is the Hardest part

bs...( before script as opposed to post script...this photo is my first fp...Jan 09)...still waiting...

Ok... so here I sit waiting for the Etsy Front Page flickr listing so that I can see the fp I missed today.  I have been waiting awhile for a front page and today at 5:30  I got it.  I had just arrived home from work and, since I didn't learn from last time... to check the fp when I arrived home...I went right to my site bypassing it.  Tonight I checked on my Treasury and lo and behold...the comments were all..."congrats on your FP"...ok, I missed it again...so I wait...when it comes up on the flickr site I will post it here for all to see.  Some time in my life... I hope to actually catch my frontpage when it is ON the FRONT PAGE!!!

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