Treasury.... Mapquest.... inspired by vintage maps

ok... so after the sweaty palm moment... you etsy treasury people know what I am talking about.... for those of you who don't know... you can not enter a treasury until it falls below 333... I watch the clock... set the timer., much like trying to catch the last second bid on Ebay.  As soon as it falls to 332... you have only moments to put your treasury name up.  I have seen many successful treasury names that are just three dots... they didn't know what to name it...but it is mysterious so I think folks click on it...
   This is a treasury I have been trying to do for sometime now.  I love the colors on  a vintage map or globe.  They are so yummy, pastels in orange,green, blue and pink.  I was finally home to put together a treasury today.
   My last treasury went to the front page... I ran that one twice... hoping the etsy admin would see it.
   This one has already gotten many clicks... Alphabetically  it is the first on the list.
  I hope you like it as much as I do...when you click on the link... please be sure to visit all of the wonderful shops.  I have alternates as well.  Their links are in the word alternates in the last sentence... so that you can see their items as well! hope you find all four.
    Thanks for visiting me here!

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