VestiesTeam and The Vintage Bazaar in Chicago... What could be more perfect?

Tony taking a photo of the Aragon Ballroom sign in with our Vintage items mixed in.
 So fun to get together this weekend with some favorite VestiesTeam Members!
Aubrey in OpendoorStudio's booth at The Vintage Bazaar
 teamed up with her daughters 
 to bring some midcentury vibe to their space!  
Thank God for the trees and shade... it was a hot one on the pavement!

Nikki from Jetsetvintage.etsy.com was knocking it out of the lot, 
with her retro refined style 
Gwen at Chloeswindow.etsy.com had some jewelry and great smalls .

Junkindatrunkgirls.etsy.com had a great look as well 
and it was only when we began packing up that I found her!

Sarah with Zouzzi.etsy.com had her great fashion sense throughout her booth. 

More Views of OpendoorStudio
This Great Bar/table and chairs sold early!
Some Etsy "Swag"
Sold the green shades, the ruler box and the cart!
Tony and Martha ... there was plenty of Sunshine and sunburn to go around.
Sold this fun vintage paint can lid art!
photo by Aubrey Smith
 photo by Aubrey Smith
Niki seen Left and Lisa Right
teamed up in their booth to bring some great fashion and repurposed accessories to the adoring crowds!
Standing...left Delia and right Barb
AmeliaBedeliaVintage.etsy.com came all the way from California to do the show!
   She and Retrobabs joined in on a booth! 
 Becca, Babs daughter made some darling handmade birds out of Vintage fabric. 
It was Bab's first show... she did a great job!

The wind gusted several times... the map almost acted like a Sail.

Katherine from TVB admired the painted portrait... it became hers!
There were some great food vendors, 
My favorite had to be the little Meatloaf cupcakes topped with potato!  
SO yummy. 
 They always have the best food vendors there!

overlooking TVB
We were all vending outside in the lot at The Vintage Bazaar in Chicago at the 
Aragon Ballroom remote parking lot.

Next time , I hope we are able to spend a little more time getting to socialize with one another. 
 At least most of the Vestiesteam members that were there, were able to sign our Team Spirit Award book!

A great time was had by all!

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