The best laid plans

My husband looking on with the beer in his hand while my nephew repairs the breaks
On the trip north to Elkhorn. This time looking a bit like the Beverly Hillbillys, the breaks on our truck seized. Thank God we were only 15 miles from my sister's place. She was out celebrating her 33rd wedding anniversary.
My nephew helped repair the breaks as I called to relinquish our booth space at the Elkhorn flea.  Oh well. anyone see something in the truck you can't live without? It is still for sale!  Thank God for nephews who are young, love repairing cars, and have not yet gone out to party for the night...And for husbands who know to douse the breaks (and thought to bring the water jug) when you are traveling far from home!
our little camper disconnected and ready for the trip.
We ended up connecting with my sister and brother-in-law for a nice evening, I browsed her garden,  left the flowers I had purchased for the flea market in a vase on her kitchen table...a collection of Red, White and Blue... and then we went for pizza and even stopped by a carnival to take some colorful photos of the nighttime lights.  They shared their 33rd anniversary with us and that must have been what God was intending for us to do in the first place!

. we were packed and ready to go friday night
. husband came home from work at 11 am
. could not find the keys to the truck until 1 pm
. had to stop to visit his dad at the hospital
. back on the road, needing to stop for flowers and supplies... now 5pm
. breaks went out, sheriff and fire battalion Chief came to help
. repair shops all closed for the weekend
. quick thinking to call my nephew
. we picked up water to douse on the tire for the trip to my nephews, stopping every 5 miles along the way 
. Tony was so distraught he left his beer on the Walmart counter... concentrating instead on the little plastic watering can and gallon jugs of water for the hot breaks ( i usually have a crazy galvanized funnel in the display... not this time!)
. called the flea market organizer who said she was just about to let our spot go. ( 6pm)
.  was able to find an open Autozone to pick up parts needed for the repair
.  limped the truck to my sisters house
.  nephew saved the day!
.  toured my sisters garden and put the flowers I had purchased in a vase with a "happy anniversary" note on her table
.  left their home and was on the way to our home,  a few miles away, they called and we met them for pizza and to look at my other nephews "dream home" on the river... he has been trying to work with the bank on now for months.
.  dinner and pizza, touring Wauconda, IL for Wauconda fest.  
.  finally getting home and able to sleep in well into the morning!
       Ah! Priceless!

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  1. Amazing chain of events !!!
    I guess you really needed a rest.


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