Views from More on 34

A Bell clear day.  Hundreds of Miles of sales.  Random spots along the roadside.  We opted to avoid the "garage sales", of which there were literally hundreds, and opted instead to hit the barn sales, Church Sales, random roadside tables and warehouses along the way.

Harold, the owner of this set of 4 barns, was quite the salesman.  A self admitted car salesman from days gone by...his farm is beautiful and who would know ( except for those of us who make it our last stop every year) what lies behind the barn doors.  It is a treasuretrove and a bit overpriced.  He has had much of this stored here, row upon row... for years now.  A life times worth of collecting.  Many items have a price and you will be surprised when you get to the counter, he will actually raise them on you.  You have to hold firm, and play the "game" and you may be  surprised at the outcome!

Just beyond the reaches of Harolds Farm!

A Church Sale in Plano, Nothing like old fashioned Lemonade and a slice of pie to keep you on the right track!

These beauties are something I would LOVE to buy from Harold, they are tucked away in a beautiful old document cabinet... deep in the drawer.  Despite the fact that they only measure 3"x 10" he wants $35.00 a piece ( oh Harold!)
But, they conjur up memories for him and those are priceless... I figured a snapped photo from my Iphone might satisfy me for now! ( my grandpa was a ship builder for the navy, perhaps that justifies my fondness for these)

More views of one of Harolds 4 Barns

This is a lovely farm in Mendota... so well groomed and the owners have Peacocks... they had collected the feathers last fall when they molted... I arrived to a milkpail filled with them, I asked how much they were and they said... 
" all the nice ones are gone... they are free"... so I dug in!  There is a photo at the bottom of this post!

Another Barn at Harolds place!

The Livestock buliding overlooks a favorite site along the way... just west of downtown Sandwich!

More pennants tucked inside Harolds document cabinet, I just love the colors!
I want them all but he wants $10 each... Not for me :)
 I'll try again next year!

More of the collection from Harolds Barns

The Peacock feather  "seconds".  Lucky for me!

Some Global finds from along rt 34

Organizing the car!

from Harolds place

a reward for the miles and miles of treking and thrifting with mom!
This sale takes place on Friday and Saturday, Always father's day weekend!
More on 34 is a great trip.  We only traveled a portion of it, but found some amazing things along the way.
Watch for them at future sales or on Etsy.com!


  1. It looks like a lovely time!! I will have to go next year!

  2. I really enjoyed your story about More on 34.
    Looks like a lot of fun!


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