It's Almost Here... The Vintage Bazaar At the Aragon Ballroom...Summer Chicago!

This Sunday June 10th 12-5 pm,  in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom
Katherine and Libby will be putting together their Vintage Bazaar 
and this time it will include outdoor spaces and will be expanded to include over 100 dealers.  
You will find unique Vintage finds, Globes, Mid Century Modern Art and Design, 
Vintage Clothing, Kitchenware, Kitch, Deco and more.

We were at the Dank Haus this Spring for the event and
LOVED it so much we had to participate this Summer!

Look for OpendoorStudio Sunday June 10th 2012, Outdoor in the main parking lot.

We will have our white tent filled with some Swanky, colorful, fun!
                    Come join us ... YOU will be glad you did!
 Martha, Tony and Aubrey.
   Opendoor Studio

this is just a glimpse of what we will have in store!


  1. "Whenever you feel down in size, step right up and measure-ize!!!"….where is this written?

  2. on a little handpainted... NOW...vintage ladder! This could only be one of 3 people in the world!
    I hope life is treating you kindly my friend!

  3. Excellent Memory! Very impressive.

    The "NOW vintage ladder" is in very good condition, with only minor wear from some actual use as a ladder. It is currently residing in Seneca, SC, on the shores of Lake Keowee. It is very happy and is enjoying life.

    Which of the "only 3 people in the world", has this NOW vintage ladder been living with all these years?


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