Thursday Night Under the Tent!

Thursday Night I took a short roadtrip to a friends home, where she had set up her vintage finds and home decor castoffs from her retail shop, under the chandelier lit tent... and under ths stars!

 Her home is lovely inside and has been featured in several news stand publications.  Her style is comfortable and welcoming, Clocks, burlap, creamy painted trim and brown accents throughout.  A true delight to behold.
  Denise owned a little shop in Bartlett Il, that is where I first met her.  She has since moved her shop to Geneva and has increased her customer base.  She contacted them to join her at her home sale!  I would say, by the looks of the crowd when I arrived, she did a bang up business!
 Her front porch, so welcoming
 When I first arrived... the tent was lit and was a beacon for all who passed by!  NOT many passed by... MANY stopped!
 She had some delightful finds and by the time I arrived, she had sold most of her large pieces and they were marked for " pick-up on Saturday"

 When I arrived, she was restocking and restocking, She and her friends Janice ( who will be showing at junk bonanza... and Denise (yes another Denise... her employee and friend) were busy carting boxes out of her storage shed and basement to refill the tables.  In true Denise style... she was mortified that I had attempted to take photos before she would be able to stage them correctly... these are the unstaged photos, after the inital crowds arrived and bought everything that was not nailed down!
 I love the crate with the printing and the way she has shown the egg crates! ...hey, I missed that cute little wooden folding chair!
 Loved the botanical area, even bought something here.  That screen had been sold already and marked for the saturday pick up.  What a clever idea to attach vintage botanical prints to it to create a theme!...hey, I missed that green folding chair too!   There was just so much to take in! ( in a good way)
 Tables loaded and ready for Autumn decorating.
 This cute " cage" lamp I loved.  You could create one of your own...but it really warmed up the space with light!

 Vintage Suitcases stacked to side table height.  Warm woods and animal prints adorned this tent.
 A view down the side yard.  This sale was to go on for Friday and Saturday as well!  I phoned her on Saturday morning, just as the sale began and she was giddy with her success so far! She had cleaned out so many things and that was her objective!

 This tent was decorated for Halloween.   Black and orange, some new glittery finds here.
 Black, white and burlap... I found some great vintage, huge music sheets.  I think they were teaching aids from back in the day.  I am hoping to make prints and frame parts of them.
She had a successful weekend and the weather co operated perfectly! Congrats Denise!
        Can't wait for your Christmas sale!

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