Elkhorn Flea Market!


3 simple letters describe it all!   Tony, my husband, and I set out for the Elkhorn flea market about 3 pm on Saturday. The 6x12 trailer was packed to the brim.   This was my first time selling at Elkhorn.  I had shopped there many times in the past... but this was a first for me.
 (that's hippie tom from american pickers...in the background)

We arrived about 6 pm and just as the clouds were gathering.  Growing ever darker on the horizon, Tony and I pulled out the tents and began to unload.  My original space had been given away and Nona, the show organizer, decided to assign me a new spot "against the fence, just down from the wooden arched gates".  I had a corner spot, narrow in the front but broader at the back with plenty of room to pull the Truck and trailer into.  As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by our neighbor, a man with a gentle demeanor and a truck full of "junque".  He introduced himself as Tom,  Hippie Tom to be exact.  We would soon learn that "Hippie Tom" was featured on American Pickers.  He spent the better part of his weekend, sharing his stories and experiences with all who entered his booth.  He would pull out a publicity photo of the "pickers" and sign a copy for everyone that asked.  He had plenty of fans.  What a great way to begin the day!  I knew at that moment... we would be busy!

I set up my usual brightly colored fare.  Painted chairs that were mix and match, with numbers stenciled on the seats,  bottles full of zinnias, my assemblage "buffet" where you could purchase a scoop of buttons in all colors, shapes and sizes as well as dominos, mahjong pieces, botanicals, scrabble pieces, division and word flash cards and more!

Early in the day, Mark from "ROOM 363" arrived on the scene and captured photos of my booth.  It was not until he had been standing there for a while snapping, that I realized it was him.  He has been included in some awesome flea markets and special markets... He shows at Kane regularly and was at the Nada farms Spring event.  He has an incredible style and eye for design!  I was so happy to see him and was thankful he captured these shots of my booth!  He had never seen what I had done before... and so it was fun to know he stopped because he liked the look of my booth... not just because he knew me. ( check out his blog (link above) for more AMAZING photos of what I missed at the flea market!...i want it all!)

After a few hours and after having chatted with many who would enter in my booth,  A gal arrived and we somehow got into conversation.   I thought, from what she had said, she might have a shop somewhere.  When I asked her, she said she was from Door County and from a little shop in Sister bay.  To her surprise,  I said "Viva la Cottage"? and she smiled and said... YES.  She has been featured in FleaMarket Style magazine and has been recognized as having one of the best small flea markets in the country.  I asked her if I would qualify... and she was pleased to tell me I would.  She said she would contact me in the Spring! That would be a delight and will have made THIS sale... for me!
I am hopeful to do her show next Summer.  Door County is where I eventually want to be, so what a great connection was made there!  ( thrilled about that)

As the day went on, my white chairs sold, the chippy chairs with the floral print, tables, boxes, metal and industrial items, old signage and more! A successful day and a tiring one too!.

Tony had spent the day fishing as the tournament he was participating in was only a few miles away.  After he finished his day, He came back to help my load the truck and trailer and head for home.
Needless to say, we slept well!    
          Thank you to all who visited me and to Mark for these delightful photos of my booth!
                              I hope to be a regular there and will be calling to reserve my space in the morning, for the September show! ... hmmm... bittersweet, pumpkins, autumn colors... worn wood! My mind is ALREADY racing!

( thanks too ... to Denise from denise's adornments and Janice... for their kindness and encouragement!)

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  1. Hi Martha! My family is vending at the Elkhorn Flea Market this year- a first for us. We are so excited. Will you be there again? Any tips?? Also, did you decide to do Junk Bonanza this year? It was so nice seeing you there last year and going to dinner with the other Vesties and friends. :)


Thank you for your comment! So glad you stopped by!