My husband was able to recover some of my shots from the trip to Door County.  
Sadly, not my oil painting, 
Here are some of the long awaited views!
(ps... bought a new Canon today to replace my old one.) 
 rest in peace my old camera!
 a Door County Sunset
 cottage garden along hwy 42 in Ephraim
 along the road South of Egg Harbor

 Middle of the Door!
 Many photos had this interesting effect on the bottom due to the CF card damage!

 brown cow 5th from the left...staring me down.  Next a snort...then full run... with only a small wire and some aged posts between us!  Needless to say ... I took off running!

As you can see... the other cows had NOT moved a bit! didn't know they could move that fast! 

Sturgeon Bay

 This guy wanted $10.00  for each soda pop bottle... he had thousands upon thousands.  
I declined.
 He will be sitting on his junk for a LONG time!

 the barn that opens at 5:03 pm... " all the free beer you would like to drink"
that is a great sales tactic!
 The flying pig.
 Barn quilts. 
 Many are mounted and painted on the barns just south of Door County

Sadie pup... her last night. taken from Aubrey's I phone.

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