Dupage All Night Flea Market...

As seen through my new camera!
A view from outside the flea market!
A friend Bruce's booth along with his family and tons of customers!
 they have low prices and sell out every year!
my husband ... the Birthday boy!
800.00 for that wonderful old hardware drawer piece!
folks rifiling through these boxes and other great finds

there's that green cart I loved!
love this green shelf! Could I make one?

Loved everything this dealer had!
Warehouse Chic for sure!
I liked that orange spool holder on the floor.  had it in hand but noticed some place a mouse would love to live in the middle... so put it  back as we found a mouse in the house the other day!

I had my eye on this one, walked away and minutes later saw this gent with it
 had to take the photo of the lucky new owner!

crowds at 9 pm
beautiful and colorful bakelite

Miss Muffets... What a cute booth!
Soup Natzi from seinfeld ( standing with the woman)

my finds! great old box, yellow scotch tape box and 2 army green boxes printed with numbers on them!

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