What a day!

Today I received a confirmation from the Etsy bloggers street team... that I have been accepted!  I was so excited I thought I would come to my blog and write about it.  Before I did I checked out Etsy and found that I had many folks mark my shop as a favorite today... that can mean only one thing...I have been mentioned in an article or featured on the fP...sure enough  ...
   Todays  Storque article on collections was what did it.  Pez dispensers... who knew!
While looking at my blog.  I noticed someone had commented on one of my posts....you can see it below.  The article about the wire chandelier.  It was taken right out of Sue and Ki's book " junk market style" .... Ki found my blog and my etsy shop and left a very nice comment here on my blog.
  I am totally flattered that she stopped by and am floored yet again that Etsy admin has featured another of my items.
      thank you!  I am humbled!

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