Junking in Style

Today I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of LaVelle Davis to Walter Vallette
     LaVelle , fondly know as elle...met Wally while attending Church in our small midwestern town.  
  She is 75 and he is 80 or so.  Their union makes her officially...
     drum roll please.........   
  LaVelle Vallette....how is that for a name.
anyhow....After the wedding, 
I asked a friend to come " junk" with me in our local town. 

     We hopped in my Bug convertible and off we went.  We had so much fun finding all kinds of things that we can repurpose.
   I found an old 6 panel door.  A tall thin one... I am thinking of using for a thin table.  I have small castoff glass pieces that will fit perfectly into the panels.

We found 2 old metal cage like boxes.  They will be perfect for repurposing into lighting for outdoors.  Several houses down we came upon a wonderful pile of junk...great glass globes that I think I will attach to the wire cage and hang from pully I picked up this weekend.

My friend Val... found 5 little glass globes in a box.  I plan to illuminate them with tea lights in the garden.  I will just dig a tiny bit into the soil so that they are firmly placed and drop a tea light down inside.
        they will match the lights I plan to make that will adorn the trees.

             I found an old wood piece that once served as a foot stool for an adirondack chair.  I will mount that to the wall to make for an interesting shelf....
    What fun I will have.  
    I hope you had as much fun this weekend as I did!

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