fun with vintage finds

This is kind of a " how to" blog entry. 
   I had seen Sue and Ki, from the now defunked Country Home magazine, put together a very cool garden chandelier ... I copied their design.  Using some, fresh from the curbside, vintage garden wire... I bent it into a circle, adjoined the ends (by bending the wire onto itself) then attached vintage telephone insulators to the sides.  Simple process and it only took about 30 minutes.  

  I hung chain from it and in the tall branch of my very old apple tree,  I screwed an eye hook and pully.  I ran the cloths line rope from the chandelier, through the pully and down to a knot on the tree.  An old broken branch know serves as a tie 
  I have knotted several areas so that I can take it down to place tea lights inside and light them for a pretty glow in my outdoor room.

     In the winter i take it down and place a squirrel proof feeder on the rope ( we always leave 1 chain link for ease of switching the items we hang).
     The Birds love it in the winter and we love it Spring, Summer and Fall.
try it... it is such a fun thing to do!

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  1. Martha,
    Great job!! I am flattered. I remember thinking of the chandelier design at one in the morning while getting ready for a sale over 8 years ago. I am not normally very creative after dark, so it is surprising to me that so many folks have enjoyed and recreated their own versions of my garden chandelier! Love your Etsy shop!


Thank you for your comment! So glad you stopped by!