My Top Purchases from Etsy.com

My Top Etsy Purchases...
from most recent stretching all the way back to 2007!
Some of the shops have changed names, some have closed for now... many are still alive and kicking!

 just love how colorful they are!

 so clever, she painted the books and the numbers on them!
Andrea has so many wonderful book collections, she sells them by color! LOVE it!

Theinksociety.etsy.com has my FAV sign EVER!
 Move over "keep calm carry on" 'cause
 " The earth without art is just eh"
is taking over!

Scentsiblescents.etsy.com 's bookends!
There is a great story behind why i bought these, but that is for another day!
I love them as you can see from my blog header!

Niftic.etsy.com had this wonderful game in her shop and I had to snatch it up ! 
She has some wonderful finds You will love visiting her shop!

 had this great Chautauqua Industrial Art Desk for sale...I snapped it up and it now sits on my bedside table.

Grayworksdesign.etsy.com creates these beautiful footed Plattes
I bought the black walnut as it reminds me of the beautiful trees just outside my window.
 I love it and brought it to a Thanksgiving gathering filled to the brim with cheese and fruit and sausage...
it was the hit of the party.   A Platte of bounty!

Jean from 3squares.etsy.com collaborated with me to create this great necklace. 
It holds your moo.com mini cards and is a work of art that people ask you about all the time.
 When someone stops me on the street, I pull out the card on the top that caught their eye to begin with...
 It is a great gateway into a discussion about my etsy shop!
( Hey those are my business cards in her photo... great cross marketing I say! )

Salted Carmel carmels... Haveitconfections.etsy.com has the BEST!
These melt in your mouth and are wonderful to share... if you don't eat it all by yourself first!

My daughters and their friends can not stop talking and swapping these pretty eye shadows from PureMineralsSource.etsy.com . They are a loose powder and you can't go wrong with any of the colors!

The letter M from paperdollwoodshop.etsy.com is a fav and sits on my husbands bedside table... 
just as you see it here... 
with magazines in it!

My Grandma and Grandpa lived on Chestnut Ave and those were some of my most fond memories... how delightful was it to find an old street sign that reminded me of being a child and visiting them in Narberth PA!

I just love this little wallet ... mine is a bit worn out now from using it daily! But, it is still cute as can be!
  Bought it from

Tonyabug.etsy.com 's sticker sits proudly on the back of my mellow yellow VW Bug!  
  It is a daily reminder of some of the awesome sellers on Etsy.

Moonshinervintage.etsy.com had these lovelies up for sale and a steal at 35.00.  I took a chance that they would fit.  I remember when they arrived, I tore them out of the box and put them on... they fit " like a glove" as if they were made just for me! 
LOVE them 

I use these almost every time I do a photo shoot.  One or more of them end up in my photos somewhere!  I have realized I love books... I don't tend to read them but I love the aesthetic.  I love the color and illustrations within.  So fun to see what people do with repurposed books.  from Lucky15.etsy.com .

Brainscan.etsy.com   this was wonderful coffee!
I am not sure if she is still selling it on Etsy as I purchased it back in 2008
 ... but I remember when it arrived in my mailbox. 
The scent of coffee was wafting from the mailbox.
  It surprised me that some postal carrier along the way didn't try a sample.

Many of these shops are currently closed... Many are still successfully plugging along.  
         I am happy with the purchase I made from them all and thought you might want to share! 
                   I hope you find some of your own favorites on Etsy too!


I have to add... a couple of honorable mentions... my Landfill lady from Lbdk.etsy.com
and my Camera strap from Eclecticwhatnot.etsy.com
( these are 2 things I enjoy and use daily as well!)
and where the heck did my belt and buckle from fosterweld.etsy.com go?
off to search my closet!


  1. What sensational finds! I am honored to be among these fabulous shops. You have the eye my friend!

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  3. How wonderful! We are so Honered that you chose us. Thank you so much. I am so thrilled we made a positive impression.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Those are some great favorites!


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