Daily photo.
I drive over the bridge every morning at the same time!
This was the first photo of my collection.
I took this one last fall. 
( please pardon the blur... I hold my camera to the side while driving by in my car, open the window...look straight ahead at the road... and hope for the best... sometimes, if I am lucky... the light turns red and there are several cars ahead of me causing me to pause on the bridge for a moment!)

   I have been taking photos of the same area... almost every morning... here are a few.  I love how the light is different every day.... I am not going to like it much when we have the time change and we are thrust into the dark again in the early morning!
    This morning when I drove by... without camera or Iphone in hand... The white geese were floating with the swans, in the little pond to the right.  Some of their duck friends had stopped by to join them.  Sorry I didn't capture that!

feb 27th, 2012
feb 28, 2012

feb 29th, 2012

March 1, 2012

March 5, 2012
I am a painter... I believe a painter sees light and shadows... changes in them and the possibilities! 

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  1. Hi Martha,

    It was most excellent spending the day with my artist/most talented friend. My computer is not working. The first thing was to check my blog on Sarah's computer when we arrived. Thank you for everything! Cathy is going to get us in Thursday night for the B&G Show FREE!

    Love ya,


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