Painting Out with the ' WILDERNESS PAINTERS'

I have been looking for a group to paint out with whenever possible and this week I found one.  Last Friday my husband found an article in the local paper about the wilderness painters.  A diehard group that paints out "plein air" no matter the weather.  After receiving the link online I decided to jump in and contact the group coordinator and find out the details
   Sunday morning was lovely.  The perfect lighting and temp.  No rain in the forecast.
  I ventured out, grabbed my supplies ( it had been since last October that I had ventured outdoors to set up) 
   Cantigny Park was the destination.  I arrived shortly after 8:30 am.  Met the group.  A wonderful group of folks who are SO talented. ( I can't wait to learn from them all...just by observing).  We all  found our own spot.  Mine was in the middle of the park,  blue spruce,  golden yews... so pretty.  Shortly after setting up... a red tailed hawk set down just about 10 feet in front of me.   You realize just how peaceful it is painting out... it is quiet and it is just you, nature and your palette.
  I finished my painting  and hearing the bells tole, I packed up and headed back to the lot to meet the group.  What wonderful work!
     I had such a nice time..I can't wait until next time.
                 Please see the link for the paintings and more information on the wilderness painters.

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