Old Fashioned fun!

It's time to hit the road and head out to see the Golden Gate Bridge...
My childhood stomping ground. 
 This time around it is with Thelma and Louise 
( aka Leslie, my sister ...and Jinny...you might as well call her my other sister.) 
 For a week of wine country, antiquing, cable car riding, highway 1 driving, 
beach loving, kayaking, sunset watching...wedding going
 ( ok that is the true reason to be heading West)
...but I can't wait to take it all in!
What fun we will have!  maybe the East Coast will be our NEXT big adventure!
      come along for the ride!


  1. Oh! I'm so encious of your trip! It sounds utterly delightful. Have a MAHvelous time!

  2. OK, that should be enVious. :D

  3. Ahahhh... I just did the same thing on your blog...I had to delete entry because i incorrectly spelled the link... then I forgot my email address... too funny...it must be the 50..or almost so mindset...that or it is just darn late at night. :)


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