Fun With a Welding Torch!

I just wanted to share a fun piece I made while with my family to Door County several summers ago.  

We happened upon a wonderful place called Hands on Art Studio.  I LOVE the concept as Door County is known for its art studios scattered about the county.  What a lovely way to create some art of your own after being inspired in the galleries that abound.

My family landed on the site and dispersed around the studio, Aubrey and Hannah worked on mosaics and frames crafted from wood,  Aubrey created a tile for the silo where the money goes to a favorite charity.  Colin and Tony hit the welding studio to put together a wonderful metal sculpture of a "guy"... for our garden.
I decided to work on a sculpture.  They have a "metal buffet" for you to choose pieces from.  I chose 3 different pieces for the legs... thought to use a metal bowl piece as a birdbath... and a metal "s" shaped piece to suspend the bird feeder.  I then created a glass piece in their fused glass studio and tacked it to the frame I had welded to make it a more interesting art piece.
 I just love the way the light catches it!   
I love the way it looks in my eclectic garden!
  I hope you all have a chance to visit beautiful Door County sometime in your life...and while you are there stop by the "hands on art studio"  it is a treat for artists of all ages!

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