Vintage Travel Trailer ... our little home away from home.

Be sure to check out our updated post! More views of her updated interior check out her pinterest board... click here... !

Here is our latest look at "MissMabel" our little camper.... she is getting a facelift with some fun color... inside and out! 

That's me!

Her "Mother's day" stripe

interior before cushions.
interior of vintage pantone turquoise

 I have so many things I want to decorate her with! So much fun to find things for her interior and exterior too!

     For the awning on the exterior, I am looking in to Marti's Awnings.  Still deciding on the color scheme for that... but I am sure it will have something to do with orange, yellow and turquoise.
Our interior... so bright and cheery!
Waiting on the curtains and cushions

So much to do and so little time!

Some cute stuff and the beginnings of my vintage decor
A view from outside.

An awning for the front would be oh so cute!
    I had fun with a vintage pantone paint chip sample I found years ago...for the colors on the interior.  I was unable to find just what I was looking for in the modern paints so I brought the chip to the home depot!  I found that Behr paint worked best.  Dutch boy was way too thick. but we used it for the exterior blue and yellow stripe.  Thinking of adding a silver stripe below the yellow, and above the yellow... a pinstripe of ORANGE.  How delightful! :)

The long road home.
Happy Trails to YOU, until we meet again!

* photos taken by Aubrey Smith



  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! It looks great, Martha!
    Many happy miles to you...

  2. Is this camper a Merriway? Mine looks just like this, there is no info out there on Merriways. Yours looks great!

  3. Your camper looks great! Does it happen to be a Merriway? It looks just like mine. There is no info out there on Merriway, I was just wondering. Happy Camping!

  4. Love your trailer! I bet you had lots of fun in it this summer!

  5. Would you share the color of white you used on your interior? I am in the process of painting my vintage camper and I really like your colors. White is not an easy color for me to pick out for some reason. Your vintage beauty turned out spectacular. I love the vinyl cushions. I love it all!


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