Our vintage travel trailer... A peek at our progress

(see the updated views from 2015 here)I have been working day and night to complete our little travel trailer  for her maiden voyage to Nada farms Spring Event 2013, this weekend.
This is how she began months ago
Our little Sunliner, with 10.5 glorious feet if living space.  

Cabinetry indoor
Dinette area
Kitchen before

How she looks now:

After the family helped paint her for Mother's Day.

Interior cabinetry in turquoise and white

As you can see, she is still a work in progress... but getting closer!

  Tonight my friend Cindi will be helping me create cushion covers in white vinyl with orange and yellow piping. And some cute curtains too!

  Can't wait to share the end results with you!


  1. Hi Martha~
    I met you a few times once at Art in the Barn Festival and at Mark's Holiday show in Naperville. My friend Cindi is a painter and I'm a Jewelry designer and we were together both times. Anyhow...I am going to be doing the Hobnob show and I see you are too. Very excited for it and I am going to put your collage from the facebook Hobnob site on my blog. Hope to see you there and get to know you better. Love the trailer. I am trying to find a vehicle to travel with myself. My business name is Tart-Traveling Art. I would love an old VW bus, my latest obsession. So I will pick your brain on the fixer upper vehicle when I see you :) Safe travels...Cindy

  2. Cindy... Can't wait to see you at the Hob Nob show! I would LOVE to share any info you need! maybe you can find a little traveling art studio on your way down to danville!
    I saw your blog I appreciate the mention!


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