Junk Bonanza a Flea Market Style Event

Now entering Mn!
Greetings all!  I have finally returned from a delightful trip with friends to the Junk Bonanza.  This AMAZING event takes place in Shakopee Minnesota ( home of our own Barbara from Ionesattic.etsy.com)  
After a trip from Chicago... This girl was really looking forward to the event.

Amazing collections!

Allie, Annie, kathi, Margo and I ( clockwise from left)

Martha, Margo and Cathy

Friends Mary Ellen, Val and Cathy ventured north with me and we were not disappointed.   My goal was to take in the vignettes, have a chance to talk to the Etsy admin and represent our team and get some ideas for what is hot in Vintage NOW!    I was able to fit this all in and more!

Upon our arrival, a blonde gal, just my height... walked up to us while checking in for our 2 night stay and said... " are any of you Martha", I quickly turned and knew it was Margo of RoboLady.etsy.com.  She has been instrumental in urging me along to get the Flea Market Style ad on their Blog.   After a hug hello and tossing our belongings aside, we spent some time talking " bonanza" with our new found friend Margo!  

crowds gather for the early bird entrance!

Mary ellen, Val, Ki, Martha and Cathy

the donut guy... a tradition at the junk market!

crowds! 8:00 am

Chairs piled high

this seller had sold out by 2 and was replenishing... had to call her husband from nea rby to  begin pulling things out of her garage!

so many things, so little time!

one of my fav's hunt and gather... they have a retail shop in  the area!

hunt and gather again...if they had an M or S...it would have been mine! those letters were about 3 feet tall

this seller had all things metal and galvanized.  a great look and across from the bar where they sold the best looking blody mary's

New Etsy Admin
So wonderful to talk to them!

Val finding some great repurposed
purses and bags.

this clever seller had created so many wonderful
 things... note the handmade, huge typewriter letter!

Same booth but look at what she did to make those huge cameras on the table!

Tons of vintage maps...everywhere you looked!

Black and white, this seller had lots of fine silver and crystal too.

note the cameras and that fishtank...full of cameras!

Moose and a camera on steroids

something for everyong, great use of an old cage.

from our own vestiesteam members  3 wren street

3 wren street was made up of Mother and daughter sellers
Allie, Annie and mom Kathi

the crowds as the 10:00 group arrived!

some of my finds for the day...keeping in mind that I bought  a vintage
typewriter table for only 18.00 ( great industrial style with a wooden top)

new Etsy Vintage items available in the etsy store.

my fav again, Hunt and gather!

The girls I was traveling with and I, have friends who were displaying at the Bonanza.  It was fun to visit with them for a moment and to wish them well for their 3 days of sales that would culminate on Saturday.  Amazing displays were staged.  A wall of trunks, a 24 foot ladder with clocks strung on the rungs.  These sellers didn't skip a beat!  The displays that were staged were amazing,   The Vendors used every square inch to show their industrial, chippy, shabby, warehouse, country, colorful and creative styles

note what she did on the chair...

loved this repurposed doll.  great use of creativity here.  also note the
old bicycle seats repurposed as necklace holders.

If I had a cabin... this entire vignette would have been mine! 

this says it all!

red and white

another fun booth

our Vestiesteam girls and Etsy admin!
 What a wonderful space our own 3 Wren Street girls put together, Mom Kathi of allthingswhite.etsy.com and daughters Annie of Thedancingwren.etsy.com and Allie from ElizabethWrenVintage.etsy.com along with one of the  Support  admin from Etsy.   They had a delightful selection of things.  I bought a vintage pennant from them and love it!  I hope to repurpose it sometime soon!
Old Crow Farm sellers!

don't you just love this... bats and balls as a flag, golf clubs as a coat rack
skates as brackets for the shelves!

friend Judi in her booth

friend Cathy with her finds!

Cathy and margo share their finds while Val looks on!

Margo and I at the atm...replenishing only after 5 hours on day one! OH NO!

There will be more to come... We headed to a shop called Hunt and Gather and then on to dinner , the next day to meet some other team members for a dinner and chat about our team and the goings on! 
 A great time was had by all!


  1. hooray!!! it was just wonderful to meet you and your friends. i hope we get to meet up again soon. thank you so very much for stopping by our booth and including us in your blog posts. :)

  2. wonderful wonderful pics and post! it was great to meet you and your friends and we are so pleased to be included here

    thanks Marth

  3. Sweet adventure and I'm still grooving to the music!!


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