Greetings from Chicago! a VestiesTeam Meet-Up

Anita and her hubby Jerry, in from California.

Barb aka Babs

Mary, Laurie and Ellen

Lisa, Molly and Aubrey

THE icon!

Anita with the icon, Laurie and Ellen posting for photos!

Weeks of anticipation had finally come to an end as the Vintage Etsy Society Street team's local Chicagoland chapter gathered for a spirit filled evening at Maggiano's Restaurant in Naperville, IL.

In the past several weeks we had been posting comments back and forth to one another on the thread that Anita (rollinghillsVintage.etsy.com) put up on our team page.

A comment was made by Barbara from IonesAttic.etsy.com that Anita was a true VestiesTeam Icon! The first thing that came to my mind was a statue I used to have of a fat little buddah sitting cross legged on the floor. I found a pair of Buddahs in an etsy listing and sent it to Anita! ... then I decided that If I were included in the icon status, I would want to be a tall, thin Buddah! SO...

Days later, I was working and lo and behold, someone had donated a taller, thinner one to the little resale shop. I thought it would be fun to present it to Anita !

Niki, Martha and the Icon....notice the name tags!
I had met Niki bombshellshocked.etsy.com about 2 weeks back while she was shopping as a customer at my little shop. I thought she was delightful and wanted her to join us for dinner. I offered her a ride from the train as she would be arriving from Chicago.

After spending the day picking up a little vintage travel trailer in Wisconsin, a spur of the moment purchase I made last weekend, on a quick trip to Door County... I was running a bit late. I had asked my daughter Aubrey (co founder of vintagesociety.etsy.com ... our vintage clothing site) to join us.   We took off in my little Yellow Bug... Heading for the outbound train.  20 minutes late,  I arrived to find Niki of bombshellshocked.etsy.com standing at the station decked out in a darling dress she had just found today!  She had spent the day readying for the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood!  Sadly, it was drizzling or we would have arrived in style, Niki adorning a cute Jackie O style head scarf... !

We arrived at Maggiano's Italian Restaurant only to find the rest of the group waiting patiently!

Anita had phoned me earlier and mentioned she thought we should have name tags...did I have some sticky name badges we could write our names on?  Sadly, I didn't but then Anita ( that clever girl) thought.... how about some "priority postage stickers" I swung by the post office on the way and grabbed a roll... so,
 VestiesTeam name tags courtesy of the federal government!... gotta love that! ( for any federal agents out there, please know that I will be using the others on my priority mail packages and helping to spur on the fledgling economy)

Anita was sitting with her Husband ( a brave gent for sure... to take on all of these women!)  It was wonderful to see her... it had been a year since we first met!  Anita is a lovely woman.  So full of life, love and humor! I hope one day you will have the opportunity to meet her for yourself.  Seated next to Jerry, Anita's "better half" was Babs... Barb from Retrobabs.etsy.com.  Barb has been instrumental in getting the local chapter together.  She has hosted several get togethers for the group in her wonderfully Vintage styled home.  She is always so hospitable and kind hearted!   Mary, from Passedby.etsy.com was there with stories of her own travel trailer and what a delightful gal she is too.  I was so glad to finally meet her!  Laurie from Birdieone.etsy.com came from the north suburban area.  She shared some of her experiences with us and we Loved hearing about her feature in People Magazine.. wish we could have heard more!  Ellen from EllensatticTreasures.etsy.com is from Dekalb.  I know I have shopped at her shop before and I am sure I may have purchased a thing or two in my travels.  I will have to contact her next time I head to dekalb.  She has a booth in a local Mall there!  How fun to meet her too!  My Daughter's friend, my "third daughter" and photographer Molly of Molly Bartus Photography joined us as well.  She is wonderfully talented and has been photographing many local High School students for very imaginative Senior Photos!  ( she photographed Hannah's Senior photos... my second daughter) She did a beautiful job!    While being  served Spaghetti and Meatballs as well as Spinach and Chopped Salad... we had such fun converstions.  Lisa arrived from ablastfromthepast.etsy.com adorned in her great jewelry creations and sporting a cute new hairstyle... Lively conversation and laughter filled the room!

We exchanged business cards and gifts, Passed the Buddah for all to sign... figuring that we are ALL icons on Etsy!
I think we may have begun a tradition, like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, we may have to send the Buddah around for signatures!

When It was time to leave, we all posed for pictures, hugged and vowed this would be the springboard to more meetings in the future!

A great time was had by all!

Please, I encourage you to begin a local chapter of the vestiesteam and have your own meet-ups in your area...it is too fun NOT TO!  We will send you the Buddah if you request it!

Ps... We shared many shop tips  and a suggestion was made to add a post the the team page, by Barb, Perhaps several times weekly to encourage team spirit and support amongst members ... so look for that to begin in the coming days!

Niki, Martha, Anita, Jerry, Barb, Mary, Laurie and Ellen...not pictured Lisa, Aubrey and Molly

from left to right
Barb, Mary, Niki, Martha, Anita, Laurie, Ellen, Lisa


  1. Thanks Jen, Still needing to add links! heading to work and quickly wanted to get this posted!
    come join us sometime!

  2. Gorgeous group of girls! So bummed I missed it.
    Susgarcookielady aka Susan

  3. WE missed you Susan! we are hoping to get together in November for round 2 of our larger group!
    Watch the discussion page or join us on our local chapter page
    vintage etsy society chicago chapter
    there we will post info for the local group!

  4. I'm still thinking about how much fun I had!! Let's to it again!!

  5. Wow! It looks like everyone had so much fun! I hope to meet everyone soon!!

  6. Had a blast! Martha..you are still icon #1


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