New Technology! Gotta LOVE it! ... and an ode to Dad!

James L Layton , My Dad! June 13, 1929- January 13,1989

Ok... So I LOVE Vintage! But, I remember as a child my Dad was a photo geek. I remember him having the latest and greatest gadgets.

He and my mother would toil for days creating Heathkit items, beginning with radios, stereos and then moving on to full console televisions... including degaussing the TV tube! Now that was some geeky, techy stuff!

Degaussing the Heathkit TV

I remember the day my Dad brought home our first calculator. It was the size of a brick and about as heavy. LORD knows it was able to add, subtract, multiply and divide! WOW. Now they are a quick grab item at the Walgreens checkout...but back then, WOW! My dad bought it for about $300.00 back in the day!

He was on top of technology and would spare NO expense to have the first, best and latest model. Sadly, he passed in 1989. He was too ill to ever get his first cell phone. He would have marveled at the Smartphones of today. As much as I would love to buy the newest and best everytime. My budget just does not allow it and it is moving at the speed of light! I am holding out for the newest Iphone to come out so that I can buy a 4G!( at reduced price).

I phone Technology 3g... I am holding out for the 4G

Now I am getting into my newest geeky find! Today I received an email from Moo.com, the business card people. They were talking about the QR Codes.
You know the black and white, new fangled UPC like codes! Up 'til now I would see them here and there and I knew they had something to do with a Cell phone but what?

This is how they work. When you see one, maybe while reading a magazine, or standing in the Subway waiting for a train, one catches your eye on a billboard... pull out your smart phone ( equipt with the scanning technology...you can find the link below) and hold it over the barcodelike image. It will direct you, generally, to further info!

Now you can point people in whatever direction you like and create them especially for YOU! With the message YOU want to leave for others! When I saw that... my brain was going wild with the possible applications!

Moo mini cards. Some random guy but I thought it was a cool way to incorporate the codes

First. I wanted to be sure to include it on my Moo cards. But then I was trying to figure out an Etsy Application for it! Voila!!! GOT IT!

I went to this link... to create my custom codes. Although I plan to create others... Today I only created two. One for my Shop and one for my blog. I am adding the Shop code to my business cards and I am adding the Blog code to my last photo on every new listing!

This will direct folks to my blog and be a little bit of a curiosity. People with the technology will try it and may make my shop stand above others!

I was thinking of how you could use them for other Etsy purposes, such as linking folks to a youtube video of how your item works. Or a video of the process you used to create your handmade item! Adding a bit of a cool techy touch... without filling up your description with crazy links!

WOW! Dad would have loved this!

Check out this code
Use your smartphone to " scan" it and see where it takes you!

I am totally hooked!
Here is what you do
1. Head to this link to create your code
2. Email or download it to yourself and add it to your photo software!
3. Upload it in place of the 5th item photo on your Etsy listing!
4. DONE!

Be creative, direct people to your favorite team pages, about me pages, etc!
The possiblilties are limitless!

WOW! off to list and add the QR Code to more listings!
Now, if they would only come out with the latest IPhone so that this Vintage loving gal can get a discount on the 4G!

Leave a comment below as to how YOU might use this!

( Need a reader for your smartphone?) click here!

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