Refreshed and ready for Fall!

Just viewing some lovely blogs I have discovered. Some are from friends I have met along the way and others are from friends I would like to meet!
I have been inspired to begin changing my space for fall and now I just need to root through bins and bins of seasonal items to find just the right touches!
I have never been one to want to decorate for Halloween too soon! I like to add those elements in mid october. I do love the feel, taste and smell of fall so I will be finding my diffuser, bittersweet, pumpkins and gourds to add to the festive look. This year I am putting a more modern spin on things!

Before decorating for this harvest season, it is my tradition to attend a most cherished event!...

This weekend I will be graduating in to "Middleagedom" .... To usher that in, some of my best friends will be gathering for our traditional "usher in fall" trip to "Art in the Barn" in Barrington. This is a place I began to go to with my mother when I was young. She was an artist and her teacher would sell there every year. It is one thing I loved doing with my mom. As I grew more independent, I played my guitar and wondered the crowds as entertainment, Kind of a strolling minstrel.

After that, I never missed this wonderful event. Now, many old friends and neighbors gather to celebrate the fall, Carmel Apples, Raffles ( and we love those) and ART!

For Me... it has been my ultimate goal to be an artisan there! I will do it someday... but for now, I love to browse amongst the various artists finds!

I hope you will enjoy your day in the country and be sure to usher in fall properly by tipping back a cup of hot cider and perhaps even bringing home some Apple Cider Donuts!

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