Golden Jubilee!

Hello gang,
This past weekend I celebrated a milestone birthday... not telling which one... I am sure you can guess! In celebration I had many friends and family join me for some fun in my garden!

our " hootinanny"

My great friends Rich and Jacquie from Small potatoes were here to perform. What a delight to have them here in my very own home!
Just a quick view of my place on party day!

Laurie, Martha, Lisa and Sandy

Family joined us, my father in law and sister in law, along with her family, were here to celebrate the day

Friends from all phases of life were here to join me ! My thought was, invite all who would one day come to my funeral... I am well but thought it would be fun to see all the people I love all in one place...together! and so it was!

I was so pleased that Lisa fromablastfromthepast.etsy.com was able to join me and I had asked Sandy fromJollytimeone.etsy.com to come too! We have gotten together individually but never as a group. About a month ago Sandy had met Laurie frombirdie1.etsy.com and I was unable to attend the lunch gathering... there is a funny story behind that one! ( they had not met face to face and both sat in the restaurant waiting for the other to arrive when they realized the 2 women sitting alone were waiting for one another)!

When I found out that Sandy would be coming for the gathering, I just knew I had to ask Laurie. Keep in mind that Laurie and I have chatted bunches on etsy but have never spoken in person. We had friends in common and our paths had nearly crossed time after time.... but I had never formally met her! When I was first thinking of the Vintage Etsy Society Street Team, I bounced ideas off of Laurie through convos. We had planned to get together but it had never happened. I did it, I decided to convo her and ask her to join me at my party!

One of the first couples to arrive ... Laurie and her husband walked in, carrying darlingly prepared skewers of tomato and mozzarella, complete with umbrellas dangling from the skewer ends. It was so delightful. I found out that Laurie had brought me a gift... the hose reel she had in her shop that I had been coveting! She shared a story that she had planned to meet me at an all night flea market in our area last week and had wheeled it there to find me. She never did and was having to wheel the reel all over the market...I bet she could have sold it 10 times over!

thank you to all my Family, Tony, Aubrey, Hannah and Colin... old friends,(Rich and Jacquie, Greg and Liese, Pam and Billx2, my sister and brother in law Ken)! My newer friends (neighbors Barb and Lonnie and the JB Winterberry crew) and my newest friends..(from li'l red schoolhouse... and Etsy), for sharing my special day!!

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