Fall Rustic Woodland Wedding: First Look … part 2

A relatively new trend in wedding styling is to photograph the "First Look" where the bride and groom get out the wedding jitters… by seeing one another before the ceremony… while photos are being taken.  Our lovely Rustic Woodland Wedding was no exception. 
Here are some views of the capturing of the "First Look"

 First Look: The setting, a local barn, just "down the road  a bit".  The idea, to get the "first look" on camera… and the nervous jitters out of the way… gathering with family and wedding participants… 

The bride and groom were placed on adjacent sides of the barn.  They were told not to look, but to walk closer to the corner, until they reached out for one another's hands (with a little help from a groomsman). On the count of three… they were able to look… and capture that moment on film. (The large photo above)

 "People moving out… people moving in".  The photographer (the grooms mother) felt this captured the activity of the day and what her brain felt like in the weeks moving up to the actual wedding day!  Organized chaos at its best.

 Incase you missed the post... be sure to Click here to see the lovely Woodland, Rustic Wedding photos and read more about this Family Affair. 

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