Door County Plein Air in photos 2014

Mark Boedges paints south of Egg Harbor …. Shelby Keefe in the fields at Seaquest orchards

You have got to love Matt Barber Kennedy and his style!  … just love this!
at the sunset paint out Wednesday night. Everyone else had their sights set on the harbor, bay and sunset… he found a flagpole… high up in the air! 

Gay Falkenberry in a private garden in Ellison Bay.

Anderson barn, wind, waves and bugs… folks taking shelter!

Below are views of the quick paint in Fish Creek.  Everything you see was created in only 2 hours with a lively auction to follow! SO fun!

Matt gets my pick for most original again… I think he could have sold this painting 1000 times!
so original… the "Fish Creek Market sign".

James Richards and Mitch Baird with land and water. What a delight to see.  The week was amazing as always! 

Mitch dealing with the gnats… painting at Anderson Barn and Museum… along the road in Ephraim.

Stephanie Hartshorn's work … LOVE!

So happy to have met Stephanie Hartshorn… She is such a delight! Her fresh style is wonderful!
selfies… at the school of art during the final evening of the event.

Door County Gardens and Paintings of Hollyhocks.

Gay painting in the garden

Tom Nachreiner... painting at the beach/dock in Egg Harbor.

A work in progress
My attempt at the Summertime Restaurant in Downtown Fish Creek during the Quick paint where folks like me get to try our hand! 

Miss Mabel, our little vintage camper… was my home away from home during the Door County Plein Air Fest.  I spent a week at the Fish Creek Campground! What a great place!

A shout out to  Mac Ready Artisan Bread Company… for allowing me to eat there daily! Their Door County Chicken Salad on their fresh made daily Artisan bread is so delish!

 If you are a lover of art and if you enjoy watching and creating paintings in all medium… I encourage you to head to the Door County Plein Air Fest next year! Look for me.. I will be there!

my palette… the end.

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