Pendleton style…Shop OpendoorStudio in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin

Coming to Baileys Harbor July 12th 2014… 
We are bringing our "Campy" style for your home or cottage.
Personalized Pendelton Style signage.  
I am able to add your special place in the world
... for only $22.00 each with $12.00 shipping.

They will be available at the show and I will be personalizing them there as well!
Add your street address or favorite vacation spot to hang on your wall.

Here is an example of a few of the things that will be coming with us to the show.
I have Vintage Cowboy boots, flannels, blankets, camp chairs, lanterns,
tables for your cottage, pennant pillows and more!  Miss Mabel will be taking the trip too!
Watch for her around the County.
Below, are a number of vintage plaid suitcases and train cases… they are perfect to pack with or to store things in … in your cabin or cottage. 
We can't wait to see you ! 


  1. OMiGosh, I love that you paint the iconic stripes on signs!
    I couldn't love them more, but I call them Hudson's Bay blankets (Pendleton makes 'em.)
    Anyway, too bad I didn't see this earlier, when I blogged about how much I love them!
    Just found you!


Thank you for your comment! So glad you stopped by!