Door County Plein Air Fest 2013 : my perspective


Last Summer I had the great pleasure of attending the Door County Plein Air Fest.  Looking back on the Summer there was so much I learned.  Watching the professional painters, over their shoulders in all types of conditions,  in the beauty of Door County, was so motivational to me!


The weekend before the fest, I participated in a wonderful vintage show in Baileys Harbor and it was my maiden voyage with my little camper, Miss Mabel,  SOLO.  Hooking her up, unhooking and setting up camp... all by my self! I did it!


In the first part of the week, I hit the road to find the professionals out on the town painting.  I found a friend in Laurel Daniel, she was such a delight.  I first met her, looking over her shoulder in Egg Harbor.  She was painting a little shop called Papel.  A cute little building just across from the Market in  Egg Harbor.  I loved watching her mix colors and create her beautiful painting.

Later that day, I went to Woodwalk Gallery.  What a beautiful setting that is.  I loved seeing the colors and paints that were being used.


By mid week, friends Vanessa and Annette arrived to pay a visit.  They came over to my little campsite to enjoy appetizers and wine

Thursday I headed out to the Causeway on kangaroo lake to do a little practicing and color mixing.  The evening was lovely and the light on the lake, unforgettable.


Saturday morning I woke up at 7 am to be ready at the quick paint by 8:00 am to stake out my spot.  In years past, I painted "Malibu Moos" in Fish Creek.  This year I thought I would mix it up a bit and paint The Summertime restaurant, a beautiful little indoor and outdoor bistro.  The gardens were breathtaking as always, in the Door.  We had a great time finding our spot for the Quick Paint, amongst professionals and non professionals alike.


At 9:00 am the horn sounded and we had 2 hours to complete our painting.  You may not draw or paint on your canvas prior to the horn.  Working at a steady pace, until someone yelled "we've got 30 minutes left" and it is time to wrap up our paintings... to pull them all together so that they will be ready for sale that evening at the Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek.

In the past years I have painted Malibu Moos and have sold it every time, but this year I wanted to mix it up.


Later Saturday morning my eldest daughter Aubrey, Sister Leslie, Brother-in-law Ken and "Sister" Jinny arrived after traveling from the Chicagoland area that morning.  What a surprise to see them!


We spent the day wondering around the county, then that evening we attended the reception for the painters at the School.  I got in line to see the work of the non professionals that was set up under a large white tent on the grounds and as soon as I arrived at my painting, I found a S O L D sign on it!


Every year I have attended, and painted, I have had the good fortune of selling my painting.  It is just so much fun.  I can't wait to participate in 2014!


  1. Oh Martha...thank you for sharing. I love your little trailer and I swear I was pretending I was you as I read your every word. I could smell the air and hear the sounds around the lake. (I grew up in MN). It all sounded like so much fun! And...your painting was wonderful. Congratulations
    And, all by yourself. I am so impressed.

  2. Oh Muriel! Thank you for stopping by! You know the beauty of a northern lake... with the last beams of sun glinting off of it as the evening clouds begin to roll in. Truth be told, as soon as I arrived home, I joined the " Sisters on the fly" ... now I am a Sister... who can trailer her little travel trailer on her own! :) sister # 3968 !
    thanks for reading my post!


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