Spring 2013

It's coming on Springtime and the perfect opportunity to grab a glimpse of the "Studio".  I enjoy sharing my "quirky", vintage and repurposed style!  In my world, each and every piece has a story... Each and every piece belongs.  They all make up our "Warehouse Chic" style.   Here is the story behind some of my favorite finds.  

First,  the vintage dining room table... an old, industrial, wooden table with glass inserts.  I adore it because the reflection off the glass brings light into an otherwise dark corner of our home.  This table lived out its former years as a display piece in a  little shop in Dekalb Illinois.  I knew when I saw it, it would be perfect for this spot!

Below, the table is set for a fiesta with friends!

    Lube barrels become side tables, cast offs from an old trucking company.

Below, collections of milk glass vases filled with flowers.

Believe it or not, 
The tool caddy and electrical supply box were found at different flea markets in different states!
My husband is a toolmaker by trade, I picked them up in our travels, as a nod to him!
They house more of my vintage milkglass collection.

A glass container with mossy finds from our spot up north can be found in our bathroom.

Old spools, both metal and wood... repurposed as candle holders, brighten the mantel.

My crazy, colorful, original oil paintings inspired by places I've been
 and things I love.
An old carriage foothold acts as a mini canvas holder, and an old root
 from an ancient fallen tree, deep in  the Rocky Mountains... polished and mounted
 is a special gift from an artist and friend.

 Above, Colored pencils used in my artwork
Vintage bakelite knitting needles and colorful yarn

 Metal film canisters from the 70's and postcards of the railroad, remind me of my Dad!

 The  kitchen is filled with light and color, I enjoy collecting vintage artwork by unknown artists.
The  painting below was done in the 1930s it is happy in my kitchen!

 On the counter, the fruit bowl is one of my favorite things!
It was well used and repaired after cracking many years ago, with old metal pieces.
 I imagine them from an old barn, shed or warehouse!
 I can't help but think about the hands that took the time to repair it.

"Keep your sunny side up"...hangs in the window
while an artist's rendition, in glass, of a sunrise
sits on the window sill above the kitchen sink.

Mirrors added to vintage saucers bring a sparkle of light to the arched doorway.

Cabinets adorned with colorful glass and Fiestaware, both old and new.

Below, some words to live by!
I don't know about you... but,
In my home, they ring true!

I love collecting and I love sharing the stories behind the collections...
What do you collect?
Share a link below in the comment area with a photo of your space and the story behind your shot!


  1. I love what you have done with all the bright colors and collectibles in your house. Among the collectibles I did note that you had a treasured item from the Rocky Mountains. That is my neck of the woods.

  2. I love your home Martha, all the beautiful color against all that natural wood and white is positively gorgeous! I want to live there!! I wish I had your sense of style!

  3. It is one thing to see the pictures of your home but being a guest in your artist cottage is a treat for all the senses, From the moment you pull into your driveway and walk through the arch opening and enter the front door, you know you are in for a treat. Your attention to detail makes it truly a storybook home. We love the stories about each and every item you have collected. It truly is a magazine worthy home! Martha, your every fiber oozes talent on so many levels. However your greatest gift in my opinion, is your humbleness that sets you apart from your peers. I am honored to call you my friend.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments... Mary Ellen... YOUR little spot is amazing! YOU are my inspiration. YOU know my fav little room anywhere in the world is your den, it is adorable and oh so cozy... and your garden...to die for! Sitting in your garden with Don and enjoying a fire and relaxing among friends is truly one of my most memorable experiences! Looking forward to Spring and Summer and a visit to your little slice of Heaven on Earth! :)


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