Help a BOY out!

Ok, so I had some great vintage skinny ties on hand, I had my son go through them to see which he would use and wanted to keep, and which he might want to pass along.  He said, "Why don't we sell the ties I don't keep, on Etsy". A perfect idea. We decided to do it to generate a little money for his savings account, so I said, "Maybe you can model for the photos and I will put the proceeds in YOUR account".
He was delighted about that...
Here is the result of our photo shoot...




I only shot 5 photos per item and in my opinion he was a "natural" as a knit hat wearing, mustache growing, longer haired ETSY kind of guy!  (Too bad he was not standing by a brick wall... that would have been even more perfect!)
           So happy he helped me ...NOW I hope each and every tie sells.
(If possible, click and fav if you are an etsian, so others can see the ties and perhaps purchase them!  The boy wants to grow his savings account, he asks me daily how we are doing.  I don't want to let him down :)
                       Thanks in advance for sharing his tie listings with your circles and friends!

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  1. awww...what a cutie, martha!! he is totally a natural :) going to fave right now!


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