Art in the Barn 2012

Several months back, I was with friends for our annual trip to Art in the Barn in Barrington, Illinois.  It is how we mark time and how we spend our birthdays together.  Art in the Barn...followed by lunch and a few beverages, lots of talking and laughing.  It is always a delight, and always too short and it makes me think how fast time goes.  Everytime we meet there, I can NOT believe yet another year has passed.

Art in the Barn is a staple of Barrington life.  It has been a festival to benefit the local hospital now, for 38 years. My mother used to attend regularly, her art teacher Dale Wilson, an oil painter, would show his beautiful paintings of the local barns and the countryside.  She could not resist picking up a piece or two to add to her ever growing collection.   The 6th year of Art in the Barn, a teacher from the High School, who was the folk club leader... Mr. Offet and I were strolling minstrels.  We walked among the artisans and show gowers... and played our guitars, and sang when we were so inspired.  

Fast forward about 12 years...Once we were all reunited and our children had grown, we were free to head out to enjoy our birthdays with one another.   Without fail my Sister Leslie, other "Sisters" Jinny and Lee, My daughter Aubrey,  good friend Cindi along with her husband Hank and other wonderful friends throughout the years, Sandy, Jan, Elaine, Pam and more...go back "home" for the festival.  We NEVER miss it.  Rain or shine.  

From year to year the same artists gather, sometimes there is a new artist or two.  This year, a favorite new pair of talented artists was a duo from MyNihilo.com,  a delightful booth, fulled with handmade fiber scarves, and handmade fused plastic totes along with other trinkets and baubles.  What made it even more delightful, was the creative use of  props in the booth.  Springs mounted on a 4"x 4"x6' pole to create a "coat stand" for items to hang from, corrugated metal for their sign, which was created using repurposed metal parts and pieces.   SO CREATIVE!  They had so many great ideas,  the use of old palettes and wood for much of their back drop... but the best part... by far, was the personality of these "Sister-in-Laws".  They could NOT be more darling.  Their quirky and fun sense of humor shone through in their work.  One knits beautiful, long silk scarves out of repurposed saris and silk that was sourced from other countries.  Colorful and lovely, I could not resist purchasing one (only $24)  and it is well over 118 inches of goodness!  

I loved them, and their work so much, that my girlfriend Jinny went back with me... after winning a raffle... (from which she chose the scarf) and chose a beauty!  Yet another girlfriend was browsing there for about a half hour before finding one she loved.  

The colors of the scarves and the originality of the display as well as the lovely personalities of the ladies in the booth, kept drawing me back!

Moral of the story.  Spend time with good friends, Find new friends and artists.  Support local artisans.  Find things for Chirstmas gift giving and help out locally.  ( The Art in the Barn festival proceeds do good works for the hospital.  These artists all donated a percentage of their sales to the cause, Art in the Barn is a festival that takes place in the Fall each year. Usually the 3rd Saturday in September) 

Who knows...someday maybe you will find ME there selling something I have created, Hand painted silk scarves, original watercolors and oil paintings ?  That day... the Circle will be complete.  Going from being a musician in the late 70s or early 80s to buying there for years, to showing there... would be a wonderful goal for me.

Be sure to click on the mynihilo.com link above to see where in the area they are showing!
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