Junk bonanza 2012 etsy booth

Junk bonanza 2012. Etsy booth

So wonderful to have had the opportunities I have had this week

Meeting wonderful Vestiesteam members, meeting nickey(again) and jake from etsy and working shoulder to shoulder creating a wonderful environment to sell vintage

Met Tim Luke of hgtv fame and won the lunch with ki on Friday

Here are a few Quick views
The booth and bonanza. From my cell phone


  1. Thanks for the pics of the on-site action.
    Have another great day !!!

  2. How I would have loved to have been there. Congratulations on the lunch with Ki! I was thinking the other day that it'd be great if we/Etsy could have a Country Living Fair booth, too. The one in Atlanta, of course so I could go. ;-)

  3. amazing! awesome! and lunch with Ki! yippee!


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